Community helpers are people who do the things that make a community great. They protect us from harm and keep us healthy. Here you will get high-resolution PDF free community helpers coloring pages for Preschool. In the following pages, we’ll meet policemen, firefighters, doctors, and more! We’ll explore their work and discover why it’s so important to have people like these around…which makes a community great!

Community Helpers Coloring Pages For Preschoolers

Worksheets about the professions in our lives, made with love for your kindergarten. You can teach your child the names of the different community helpers and the tools used to perform their work. Also, your kids can color the letters of the names of the professions on the sheet. Download the file at the end of the article… it’s totally free

community helpers coloring pages free

Community Helpers Coloring Pages For Preschool

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Firefighter coloring page printable

The firefighter is a great example of a community helper who keeps people safe.

Firefighter coloring page printable

Free Printable Firefighter coloring page

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Doctor coloring page for preschool

The doctor helps us recover and prescribes medicine when we get sick.

Doctor coloring pages for preschool

Free printable doctor coloring sheet

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Teacher Coloring page for preschool

Teacher ensures kids in your neighborhood are getting an education which means they’ll have an easier time getting jobs later on in life!

Teacher Coloring pager for preschool

Free printable teacher coloring sheet

Police man colouring pages for preschool

The policeman is an example of a community helper who keeps us safe and healthy.

police man colouring page for preschool

Policeman coloring page

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Dentist coloring pages for preschool

The dentist treats the teeth and protects them from decay

dentist coloring pages for preschool

printable kindergarten dentist coloring page

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Chef coloring page for kids

The chef is cooking delicious food

chef coloring page for kids

Chef coloring sheet

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Coloring page of a bus driver for preschool

Coloring page of a bus driver for preschool

Bus driver coloring page

The Nurse takes care of patients and gives them treatment

Farmer coloring page for kindergarten

The farmer takes care of the farming and harvests the fruits and vegetables

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Farmer coloring page for kindergarten

Farmer coloring sheet

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Use our awesome Community Helpers Coloring Pages regularly throughout the school year. Periodically rotate in new pages to continue sparking ideas about future careers in the minds of your kindergarteners.

Now you can Download the full file community helpers coloring pages for preschool PDF below press the button and get tons of happiness with your kids…

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