These easy kindergarten crossword puzzles printable are perfect for kids. They are excellent for first grade too. These crosswords are perfect for use in kindergarten. They can be used by parents and teachers. They are also excellent for first class. Below you can find colourful crosswords free PDF…

Free-! Easy kindergarten Crossword Puzzles Printable

Print out a crosswords puzzle template and encourage your kids to solve the clues to complete the crossword game.
kindergarten crossword worksheets are useful for learning and practicing their language skills at home.

Animal crossword puzzle for kindergarten free

Picture Crossword animals. intended for grade 1 to grade 3 kids who are learning to spell

  • Children use the clues in the pictures to discover the words that fit into the crossword puzzle

animal crossword puzzle

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  • Answer: Crocodile – Zebra – Fox – Lion – Parrot – Owl

Printable animal crossword puzzles

Most crossword puzzles are too difficult for kids in kindergarten, but these are perfect for your children!
This printable crossword is perfect for kids learning to read and write.

Printable animal crossword puzzles

  • Answer: Fox – Racoon – Rabbit – Bird – Dog – Cat

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Colors crossword puzzle clue for kids

You will find in sheet colors crosswords for kids

Colors crossword puzzle clue for kids

  • Answer: Black – White – Green – Pink -Yellow – Brown – Grey – Orange – Purple

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Animal farm crossword puzzle for kids

Print out the farm animals puzzle and encourage your kids to solve the clues to fill in the crossword. Below you find PDF

animal farm crossword puzzle

  • Answer: Rooster – Cow – Goat – Cat – Pig – Dog – Duck – Donkey – Sheep

Sea animals crossword puzzle for kids

Teach your toddler vocabulary about sea animals through Easy kindergarten Crossword Puzzles Printable.


sea animals crossword puzzle

  • Answer: Jellyfish – Shrimp – Octopus – Seahorse – Fish – Crap – Starfish

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School supplies crossword puzzle for kids

This is school supplies crossword puzzle worksheet. Print this activity you can use with beginner English learners. Words to practice.

school supplies crossword puzzle

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  • Answer: Calculator – Book – Notebook – Backpack – Crayon – Ruler – Traingle – Watercolors – scissors – sharpaner

Free printable animal crossword puzzle easy

Picture Crossword animals. intended for grade 1 to grade 3 kids who are learning to spell

Free printable animal crossword puzzle

  • Answer: Lion – Zibra – Elephant – Tiger – Giraffe – Monkey

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