Riddles are a great way to get little ones thinking and learning about animals in a fun way. Here are rhyming farm animal riddles for preschoolers with the answers provided:

Easy Farm animal riddles for preschoolers with answers

engage preschoolers with these adorable farm animal riddles featuring cats, dogs, cows, horses, ducks, chickens, geese, sheep, and rabbits.  It’s educational and entertaining!

I have a long face, and I neigh, neigh, neigh,
On the farm is where I stay.
What am I?

Farm animal riddles for kids

Answer: A horse

I waddle and quack, in the pond I’ll splash,
With my flat feet and my bright orange hat.
Who’s that?

Answer: A duck

Fluffy and white, I give you wool,
“Baa, baa” is my way to rule.
Can you guess?

Answer: A sheep

With floppy ears and a wagging tail,
I chase cats without fail.
Who am I?

Answer:  A dog

Long neck like a snake, honk is the noise I make,
By the pond is my favorite place.
Do you know me?

Answer: A goose

Whiskers long, and I meow all day,
Chasing mice is how I play.
What’s my name?

Farm animal riddle

Answer: A cat

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I hop, hop, hop, and munch on greens,
The garden’s where I’m often seen.
Can you tell?

Answer: A rabbit

With hooves and a snout, I give you milk,
My coat is spotted or solid like silk.
Have you guessed?

Answer: A cow

Feathers I have, and I cluck, cluck, cluck,
In the coop is where I’m stuck.
What’s my name?

animal riddles who am i

Farm animal riddles for preschoolers with answers

Answer: A chicken

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These farm animal riddles for preschoolers with answers are entertaining and educational, helping preschoolers develop critical thinking skills and expand their animal kingdom knowledge. So, the next time you visit a farm or read a book about animals, remember these fun riddles to keep the learning journey engaging and exciting for your kids!

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