Helping preschoolers learn the alphabet and letter recognition is key for developing early literacy skills. Free printable letter S worksheets for preschoolers are a great way to help ages 3-6 recognize the uppercase and lowercase letter S and learn the /s/ sound associated with it. With fun and engaging letter S activities, preschoolers can trace, write, find, color, and craft the letter S while absorbing new information.

Free Printable The Letter S Worksheets For Preschool PDF

S Letter Tracing and Writing Practice Sheets – Blank practice sheets with dotted letter S outlines for tracing and free form writing practice. Develops pen control and letter formation skills.

tracing letter s worksheets for preschool

Tracing letter S worksheets for preschool

There are many benefits to using letter S worksheets for preschoolers. Tracing the letter S helps improve fine motor skills and pencil grip. Finding the letter S throughout the worksheet assists with letter recognition and phonics. Coloring the letter S allows for creativity and helps reinforce the shape and form of the letter. Cutting and pasting activities develop scissors skills. Letter S worksheets provide a multisensory approach that caters to various learning styles.

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Free Printable Letter S Worksheets For Preschoolers

Here are some of the best uses for letter S worksheets for preschoolers:

  • Letter Recognition – Identify uppercase and lowercase S. Find the letter S in groups of letters.
  • Phonics – Learn the /s/ sound. Practice sounding out words that start with S.
  • Fine Motor Skills – Trace the letter S following dotted lines. Hold a pencil correctly. Use child-safe scissors.
  • Reading Prep – Follow instructions. Reinforce concepts like left-to-right tracking.
  • Writing Skills – Practice writing uppercase and lowercase S.

Letter worksheets Free


Letter S Worksheet Cut And Paste

letter s worksheet cut and paste

Cut and Paste S Words worksheets for the letter s – Children cut out the letter S word cards and paste them on the correct image (sun, strawberry, sock, etc). Cutting boosts dexterity and matching words to pictures builds vocabulary.

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Letter s worksheets for kindergarten

Letter s worksheets for kindergarten

Find the letter worksheet

Find the Missing Letter S – search for the missing letters to complete simple S words like “snail”, “star”, and “mouse”. Finding missing letters helps reinforce phonics skills.

Download Free Printable Letter S Worksheets For Preschoolers PDF

Here is a free downloadable PDF of printable letter S worksheets for preschoolers. This PDF includes:

  1. Tracing uppercase and lowercase S
  2. Color by letter S pictures
  3. Find the missing letter S
  4. Cut and paste the letter S words with the color Bubble Letter Ss Outline
  5. Blank letter S handwriting practice sheets

Simply click the link below to download the full set of worksheets for free:

Download Free Printable Letter S Worksheets For Preschoolers

The printable S worksheets include a variety of activities to help preschoolers ages 3-6 learn this letter. Fun themes and cute graphics help hold a child’s attention. Traceable uppercase and lowercase S sheets allow preschoolers to practice pencil grip and improve fine motor skills.

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