Learning the Alphabet: Fun printable Letter Z Worksheets for Preschoolers or Kindergarten…
The letter z is one of the last letters preschoolers learn when starting the alphabet. Help reinforce letter recognition and letter formation for the letter z with these engaging and hands-on worksheets.

Free Printable Letter Z Worksheets For Preschoolers PDF

tracing letter z worksheets for preschool

Before preschoolers can properly write the letter z, they need to practice tracing it. Tracing helps strengthen the fine motor skills needed for writing. In this worksheet, children will trace the capital and lowercase letter Z several times. Be sure they are forming the letter correctly and staying within the lines.

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Worksheets for letter Z

Worksheets for letter Z 

Free printable letter z worksheets for kindergarten

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These letter Z worksheets provide enjoyable ways for preschoolers to become comfortable with recognizing, writing, and finding the letter Z.

  • Start by having kids color in the big capital X and the little lowercase Z
  • Trace letter Z-z
  • Find letter Z an exercise
  • Trace the line

Free Letter worksheets


Find the Missing Letter z

Find the Missing Letter z

Can your preschooler find the missing letter in these words? In this worksheet, children will look at pictures and choose the letter z to complete simple letter words that start or end with z. Being able to identify words with the letter z helps build early reading skills.

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Letter Z Cut And Paste Worksheet

letter z cut and paste worksheet activity

Printable Letter Z Worksheets For Preschoolers

Cutting and gluing activities develop fine motor skills while reinforcing the letter z. In this worksheet, preschoolers will cut out pictures of words starting with the letter z, like zebra and zero. They will then glue the pictures on the correct words. Also, Your kid can play dough mat on the letter Z.

These letter z worksheets provide engaging ways for preschoolers to learn the letter z. Tracing, coloring, finding missing letters, and cut and paste activities allow for multisensory practice. Pair these printable sheets with letter z crafts and books to help preschoolers master the letter z!

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Download Printable Letter Z Worksheets For Preschool

Download Printable Worksheets Letter Z For Preschoolers

The linked PDF includes the following printable worksheets:

  • Traceable uppercase and lowercase letter Zz
  • Color pictures that start with Z
  • Find the missing letter Zz
  • Cut and paste the letter Z worksheet

Fun with the letter Z lays the groundwork for future alphabet success.

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