There is a timeless fable that teaches an important lesson about appreciating what you have and not coveting what you cannot obtain. It is the tale of the fox and the grapes.

The Fox and the Grapes Short Story With Moral PDF

let’s dive into the story of the fox and the sour grapes.

The Fox and the Grapes Short Story With Moral

The Fox And The Grapes Short Story With Moral PDF

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A Tasty Treat

It was a sunny day in the forest and a crafty fox was out searching for his breakfast. He prowled through the bushes and under the tall trees, sniffing the air for something delicious to eat.

Before long, the fox’s nose caught the sweet, fruity smell of ripe grapes. He followed his nose until he came across a grapevine heavy with big, purple grapes. The fox’s mouth watered as he imagined how juicy and flavorful the grapes would be.

“What a tasty treat!” said the fox, smacking his lips. He crouched low, wiggled his haunches, and leaped as high as he could into the air. But the grapes dangled just out of reach.

Jumping in Vain

Undeterred, the fox jumped again and again, straining and stretching his body to grab the grapes. But it was no use. The grapes remained dangling above him, tantalizingly out of reach.

The fox was getting tired and frustrated. He sat down beneath the vine and glared up at the grapes, his stomach growling.

Sour Grapes

“Those grapes are probably sour anyway,” the fox grumbled to himself. “I’m sure they are not as delicious as I thought. I don’t care for sour grapes.”

So the fox abandoned his efforts and continued on his way, acting as though he never wanted the grapes in the first place.

The Moral

The moral of the story is:

  • It’s easy to despise what you cannot have.
  • People will often disparage what they desire but cannot obtain.
  • Those who fail to reach a goal will sometimes convince themselves the goal is not worth achieving.

Download Short Story of the Fox and the Grapes with moral PDF

The fox and the grapes short story with moral PDF
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