Weather is a fascinating topic that captures the imagination of kids. Whether it’s the warmth of a sunny day or the sound of raindrops on a windowpane, the weather provides endless opportunities for learning and exploration. For preschoolers teachers and parents looking to introduce their little ones to the wonders of weather, we have a valuable resource for you Cute Free weather flashcards Printable

Free Weather Flashcards Printable for kids

If you’re a kindergarten teacher or parent eager to introduce your child to the world of weather, we’ve got just the thing: Free Printable cute Weather Flashcards.

Weather Flashcards

Cute free weather flashcards Printable

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Why Use Flashcards for Teaching Preschoolers Weather?

Flashcards are a fantastic educational tool, especially when it comes to teaching kindergarten students. They are simple, visual aids that can engage young minds and help them grasp new concepts quickly. When it comes to teaching about weather, flashcards are an effective way to introduce different weather conditions and their names.

weather flashcards for preschool

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Free Weather Flashcards PDF

Our Weather Flashcards are designed with kindergarteners in mind. They feature 12 cute and eye-catching cards, each depicting a different weather condition. These flashcards are not only educational but also fun and visually appealing, making the learning process enjoyable for young children.

preschool weather flashcards printable

What’s Included in Our Weather Flashcards?

  1. Sunny
  2. Windy
  3. Rainy
  4. Lightning
  5. Rainbow
  6. Stormy
  7. Hot
  8. Cold
  9. Partly Cloudy
  10. Tornado
  11. Snowy
  12. Cloudy

These flashcards cover a wide range of weather conditions, from the every day to the more extraordinary, sparking curiosity and conversation in your kindergarten classroom or home.

How to Use the Weather Flashcards

  1. Print: Download and print the flashcards for free at the end of the article. You can laminate them for durability.
  2. Cut: Carefully cut along the dotted lines to separate the cards.
  3. Teach: Show the cards one by one to your kindergarten students. Encourage them to identify the weather condition and say its name out loud.
  4. Engage: Use the flashcards as a starting point for discussions about different types of weather. Ask questions like, “What do we wear on a rainy day?” or “What do you like to do when it’s sunny?”
  5. Activities: Create interactive activities around the flashcards, such as sorting them into categories (e.g., rainy vs. sunny) or creating a weather-themed scavenger hunt.

Weather worksheets for preschool

Cut and paste activity about weather elements.

weather worksheets for preschool

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Match weather elements to their names correctly. 

weather names sheet

Rainbow coloring sheet for kids

Let’s color a rainbow sheet with our favorite colors.

Rainbow coloring sheet for kids


Weather is a wonderful topic to explore with kindergarten students, and our free Weather Flashcards can make the learning process both enjoyable and educational. Download and print these colorful flashcards to introduce your little ones to the names and characteristics of various weather conditions. With these resources, you’ll spark their curiosity about the world around them while fostering a love for learning. Weather is just one more exciting adventure waiting to be discovered!

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