Can you guess who I am describing in these fun and challenging riddles? Stretch your mind with these 26 guess who riddles for kids printable. See if you can figure them out before peeking at the answers!

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1. I love bananas and swings. I probably have a tail and fling poo at annoying humans in the zoo. What animal am I?

  • Answer: A monkey.

2. Buzzzzz buzzzzz – that’s the sound I make. I can sting you but make honey too. Guess who I am?

Fun Guess Who Riddles For Kids

  • Answer: A Bee

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3. With a squeak and a squawk, I let others ride on my back as I walk. What animal am I?

  • Answer: A duck.

4. I never ask questions but am often answered. Guess who am I?

  • Answer:  Phone

5. I’m green and tiny, I hang on trees. Monkeys and birds like to munch on me. What am I?

  • Answer: A grape.

6. I’m cold, sweet, and refreshing on a hot summer day. Kids love to eat me in cones. What am I?

  • Answer: Ice cream.

7. A cat has one, a horse two, an elephant three. Guess what I am?

riddles with answers for kids

  • Answer: vowels: a e i o u

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8. I come in different colors and you blow me up for parties. What am I?

  • Answer: A balloon.

9. At night I glow up in the sky next to the stars. Guess who I am?

  • Answer: The moon.

10. Zoom, zoom, vroom vroom! I go fast and have wheels. What am I?

  • Answer:  A race car.

11. I make a loud sound when I’m changing, and I get much bigger. Guess who I am?

  • Answer: popcorn

12. I have cities but no houses, forests but no trees, and rivers but no water. Guess who I am?

  • Answer: Map

13. I come with lenses in frames that help you see better. What am I?

  • Answer: Glasses

14. At the beach, I’m fun to build. I’m made of tiny grains of rock. Guess who I am?

  • Answer: Sand

15. I am always coming, but I never arrived today. Guess who?

1000 riddles with answers

  • Answer: Tomorrow

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16. I have a mane and eat hay. Neigh and gallop are how I play. Guess who?

  • Answer: Horse 

17. Wings I have but cannot fly. Under water, I can dive. Guess who?

  • Answer: A penguin.

18. I’m red or green, turn stop and go. When cars drive by, they must do what I show. What am I?

  • Answer: A traffic light.

19. I’m found in the desert but I do not drink. Two humps on my back over which you can’t sink. Guess who?

  • Answer: A camel.

20. On the farm I cluck and lay eggs in my nest. For breakfast, my eggs are the very best. Guess who?

21. Australia’s my home, I jump very high. My pouch carries babies, and I leap ‘across the sky. Who am I?

  • Answer: A kangaroo.

22. I’m black when you buy me, red when you use me, and white when you throw me away. Guess who?

Guess who riddles printable with answers

Guess Who Riddles For Kids

  • Answer: coal

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23. I’m not a vampire but I have sharp fangs. Slithering and hissing while flicking my tongue. Guess who?

  • Answer: A snake.

24. I have a neck but no head. I have arms but no hands. What am I?

  • Answer: Shirt

25. I sometimes run, but I cannot walk. You always follow me around. Guess who?

  • Answer: your nose

26. I can be cracked, made, told, and played. What am I?

  • Answer: Joke

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How did you do with these Guess Who riddles for kids and adults? Test your logic and see if you can guess all 26! These brain teasers offer fun for the entire family. Keep the critical thinking going with more riddles and puzzles!

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