Are you Looking for a fun way to get kids interested in insects? Try these Fun insect riddles for kids! They’ll have to use their thinking caps to solve the puzzles. Answers are included too. You can download the list of insect riddles PDF below…

Insect Riddles For Kids Easy PDF

Q1: I’m red with black dots, crawling on the ground. In gardens and parks, I can easily be found. What am I?

Easy Insect Riddles For Kids With Answers

Answer: A ladybug.

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Q2: I’m long and thin, with many legs to walk. Crawling in the soil, I help plants grow tall. What insect is this?

Answer: An earthworm.

Q3: I’m thin and colorful, with wings like a kite. Fluttering in the breeze, I bring joyous delight. What is it?

Answer: A dragonfly.

Q4: I’m small and green, with wings like a leaf. Hiding in bushes, I’m hard to perceive. What insect is this?

Answer: A grasshopper.

Q5: I wiggle and squirm my way across the dirt. I have no arms or legs. What am I?

Answer: A worm

ََQ6: I am yellow and black and make a buzzing sound. I live with many others in a hive. What am I?

Answer: A bee

Q7: I spin a sticky trap to catch my food. I have eight legs. What am I?

Answer: A spider

Q8: I munch on wool and clothes in your house. I spin silk too. What am I?

Answer: A moth

Q9: I make paper using chewed-up wood. I have big jaws and antennae. What am I?

Answer: A termite

Q10: I am small and gnat-like. I bite people and animals to suck their blood. What am I?

Answer: A mosquito

riddles for kids on insect printable

Q11: I’m an arachnid with a venomous stinger. Look out if you see me with my tail raised!. Guess what I am?

Answer: A scorpion

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Q12: I live in a colony of many workers. We build big mounds of dirt. Guess what I am?

Answer: Ants

Q13: I can walk on water and on land. I have a long nose. What am I?

Answer: A water strider

Download Insect Riddles for Kids printable

Download Insect Riddles For kids Printable Free

These riddles on insects are not only fun but also educational. They encourage kids to think critically, observe nature, and appreciate the diversity of insects around us.

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