Learning the Alphabet with Fun the letter j preschool activities for kids…
Preschoolers can start recognizing and tracing the letter J with these free printable worksheets. The letter J worksheets help young children identify the letter, practice proper letter formation, and improve fine motor skills.

Letter j worksheets Free printables for Preschoolers pdf

Tracing and practice letter J sound worksheet for kindergarten

tracing letter j for preschoolers worksheets

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Free Printable Letter J Worksheets for Preschoolers

Free Printable Letter J Worksheets for Preschoolers

The printable J worksheets linked below include essential preschool activities to learn the letter J.

  • Trace Letter J – Trace the large letter, then practice writing the letter J within boundary lines.
  • Color and Find Missing Letter J – Color pictures that start with J, and missing the letter J.
  • Cut and Paste Letter J – Cut out and paste pictures next to the matching word starting with the letter J’s.

Letter worksheets

 I    K

Missing letter J worksheet Game

Letter j worksheets free printables for toddlers - missing letter

Letter J Worksheets Free Printables For Preschoolers

Letter J Worksheet Cut and Paste

Letter J Worksheet Cut and Paste

These interactive worksheets provide screen-free learning letter J activities perfect for preschool at home or in the classroom. Engage your child in playful phonics practice with these free letter J worksheets printable online!

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Download Free letter j worksheets for kindergarten pdf

Download Letter J Worksheets Free Printables For Preschoolers

The downloadable PDF includes:

  • Trace and write capital and small letters J
  • Color pictures beginning with J and find missing J
  • Cut and paste pictures to match the letter J

Reinforce preschool learning with Letter J worksheets free printables for toddlers’ recognition, phonics, fine motor skills, and more using these printable worksheets!

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