Helping preschoolers learn the letter W can be fun and educational with these letter w worksheets for preschoolers. Letter recognition is an important early literacy skill, and giving kids hands-on practice with the letter W sets them up for future reading and writing success. You can download 4 free printable preschool worksheets focused on the letter W.

Letter W worksheets Free printables For Preschool PDF

tracing letter W printable worksheet

The first printable is a traceable letter W worksheet. It features a large uppercase and lowercase W with directional arrows to show the proper way to form the letter. Kids can trace over the letters multiple times with a pencil or crayon to practice proper letter formation. Tracing letters helps reinforce the motor patterns needed for handwriting.

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Free Printable The letter W Worksheets For Preschool

Free Printable The letter W Worksheets For Preschool

Letter w worksheets for kindergarten

The letter W makes the “wuh” sound. Words that start with W include water, wagon, whale, wish, and worm. When writing the uppercase letter W, it is important to stress that it consists of four straight lines meeting at angles. The lines start at the top with a V shape, then a diagonal line cuts through the V, followed by another diagonal line mirroring the first. These lines should meet neatly at sharp points.

Letter worksheets

 V    X

Finding the Missing Letter W

letter w worksheets for kindergarten

Finding the missing letter in words is great alphabet practice. The missing letter W worksheet features engaging images where kids must identify the blank spot and fill in the missing lowercase or uppercase W like “Watermelon” “water” and “Owl”

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Letter W Worksheet Cut And Paste

letter W cut and paste worksheet

Cut and paste activities allow for hands-on letter W practice. Preschoolers can cut out examples of the letter W and paste them onto the correct worksheet image. For example, they can cut out letter W’s and paste them on pictures of words like “window” “wheel” and “whale.” This activity lets them match the letter to the correct beginning sound.

Download The Letter W Worksheets For Preschoolers

Download Letter W Worksheets For Preschoolers Free

The linked PDF includes the following printable worksheets:

  • Traceable uppercase and lowercase letter Ww.
  • Color pictures that start with W.
  • Find the missing letter Ww.
  • Cut and paste the letter W worksheet.

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Letter recognition is the first step toward reading readiness. Using engaging worksheets like tracing, coloring, matching, and cutting and pasting gives preschoolers hands-on practice with the letter W. Pair these printable worksheets with songs, books, and verbal praise to make learning the letter W fun. With repeated practice, preschoolers will master recognizing and writing the letter W. Download our free printable Letter W worksheets PDF below.

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