Learning the Alphabet: Fun Letter X Worksheets for Preschoolers or kindergatern…
The letter X is an exciting letter for preschoolers to practice writing and recognizing. With its unique crisscross shape, the letter X offers lots of opportunities for fun puzzles, tracing, and coloring activities. Printable worksheets featuring the letter X can help reinforce alphabet skills in a hands-on way for young learners.

Free Printable Letter X Worksheets For Preschool PDF

tracing worksheet letter x kindergarten and preschool

Traceable Letter X Worksheet

A simple yet engaging worksheet is having kids trace the uppercase and lowercase letter X. Being able to accurately draw the lines of each letter is great fine motor practice. Have children trace over the dotted lines of the letters with a pencil. Say the letter name aloud as they trace, reinforcing the connection between the letter’s shape and sound.

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Free Letter X Worksheets For Preschoolers

Free Printable Letter X Worksheets For Preschool

Letter X Worksheets For Kindergarten Free

These letter X worksheets provide enjoyable ways for preschoolers to become comfortable with recognizing, writing, and finding the letter X.

  • Start by having kids color in the big capital X and the little lowercase x
  • Trace letter X-x
  • Find letter X an exercise
  • Trace the line

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Free Letter worksheets


Find The Missing Letter X x Worksheet Activity

 letter X worksheet printable

Finding missing letters in words is great reading readiness practice. This letter X worksheet shows pictures labeled with words missing the letter X. Children must look at each picture, say the word out loud, and find the missing X to complete the word next to the image. This activity promotes letter-sound relationships.

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Letter X Cut And Paste Worksheet

Letter X Cut And Paste Worksheet

Cutting and pasting activities develop scissor skills while reinforcing letter recognition. For this worksheet, children will cut out pictures of items starting with the letter X and paste them on the correct image. Pasting X pictures next to the letter helps kids associate the visual letter symbol with words that start with its sound.

The letter X starts exciting words and makes an important sound in language. With a variety of fun worksheets that trace, color, find, cut, and paste the letter, preschoolers can master recognizing and writing X through hands-on play. Interactive alphabet activities lay the groundwork for future reading and writing success.

Download Free Printable Letter X Worksheets For Preschoolers PDF

Download letter X worksheets for preschoolers

The PDF document contains 4 pages with a variety of letter X worksheets to print. These include pages for tracing, coloring, finding missing letters, and cut and paste activities. With engaging activities like these, learning the alphabet is fun!

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