Lanterns are a traditional symbol of Ramadan and are often featured in coloring pages for children to enjoy during the holy month. These lantern Ramadan coloring pages – PDF – can be a fun and educational way for children to learn about the customs and traditions of Ramadan.

New Lantern Ramadan Coloring Pages PDF

Lantern colouring pages can be a great way for children to learn about the significance of these symbols during Ramadan. They can also be used as a fun and creative activity for children to participate in during the month.

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free printable paper lantern templates - Ramadan Coloring Pages PDF

Free printable Ramadan Lantern for kids and adults

In addition to coloring pages, there are also other fun and educational activities that can be done with children during Ramadan. These can include making crafts, such as lanterns, and participating in community service projects. These activities can help children to understand the importance of Ramadan and the values of kindness, generosity, and charity.

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Free Ramadan lantern colouring pages

free ramadan lantern colouring pages

Fanoos lantern template to color

Cut out the Ramadan lantern template printable and you can use the lantern coloring page for activities

fanoos lantern template

Cut out Ramadan lantern template printable

Steps for using a cut-out Ramadan lantern template that is printable:

  1. Download the lantern Ramadan Coloring Pages PDF you will find this paper in high-quality resolution.
  2. Print the template on heavy cardstock or A4 paper.
  3. Carefully cut out the lantern templates using scissors or a craft knife.
  4. You can decorate it further with paint, glitter, or other craft materials if desired.
  5. Once the lantern is complete, you can hang it with a string or ribbon for display during Ramadan.

Cut out Ramadan lantern template printable

Ramadan coloring book pdf

ramadan coloring book pdf

Lantern coloring page

lantern coloring page

Free Ramadan lantern printables

Free ramadan lantern printables

Ramadan Kareem typography

“Ramadan Kareem” is a phrase commonly used during the Islamic month of Ramadan as a greeting and a wishing for blessings.

ramadan kareem typography

Overall, Lanterns Ramadan coloring pages can be a fun and educational way for children to learn about the customs and traditions of Ramadan. They can also be a great way for families to bond and create memories during this special time of year.

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