Rhyming is an important early literacy skill for young children to develop. Recognizing rhyming words helps kids learn phonological awareness and sets them up for future reading and writing success. Using rhyming word flash cards printable is a fun, hands-on way to practice identifying rhymes.

Rhyming Word Flash Cards Printable with Fun Activity for Kids

Rhyming Word Flash Cards Printable with Fun Activity for Kids

Rhyming Word Flash Cards Printable

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The rhyming pairs included in this activity are:

  • Car/star
  • Bee/tree
  • House/mouse
  • Cat/hat
  • Ball/tall
  • Fan/pan
  • Sun/run
  • Dog/frog

Rhyming word cards

Rhyming word cards

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How to use these rhyming word flashcards?

  • Print out the activity cards on thick paper or cardstock and cut them out
  • Review the word pairs with your child, helping them say each word aloud
  • Shuffle the cards and spread them picture-side up
  • Say one word from a pair such as “bee.” Have your child search for and select the rhyming match “tree.”
  • Flip the cards over and check if they found the correct rhyme match
  • Shuffle and continue until all matches have been made

Reinforce the learning by saying both words aloud again: “Bee, tree! Those words rhyme!” Celebrate each successful rhyme match to encourage kids and boost their confidence.

Rhyming cards Montessori

Rhyming cards Montessori

Help your emerging reader build phonological awareness with this simple rhyming match activity. Possessing foundational literacy skills like recognizing rhymes sets kids up for future reading success.

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Rhyming words cards free worksheet

Activity rhyming words cards free printable

In this free printable activity worksheets, kids will get exposure to 8 sets of simple rhyming words while having fun matching the picture cards. Each card features a short word paired with an illustration, so emerging readers can start making connections between the printed word and the image it represents.

Activity rhyming words cards free printable

Engage in fun activities like matching games to make learning to read a delightful adventure. Boost phonemic awareness and vocabulary in an interactive way.

Free printable rhyming cards montessori

Download free Rhyming Word Flash Cards for Preschool

Download the free full file below…

Download free printable Rhyming Words cards printable

Benefits of Rhyming Words Flash Cards with pictures:

  1. Phonemic Awareness: Rhyming helps children recognize and manipulate sounds in words, an essential skill for reading and spelling.
  2. Vocabulary Building: By exposing children to different rhyming pairs, they expand their vocabulary and learn to associate words with similar sounds.
  3. Memory Enhancement: Repetition of rhyming words helps improve memory skills, making it easier for children to remember and recall words.
  4. Preparation for Reading: Rhyming activities lay the groundwork for reading readiness, as they teach children to recognize patterns and predict word endings.


Learning language skills can be both educational and entertaining. Our Rhyming Word Flash Cards printable offers a delightful way for kids to explore language patterns, enhancing their reading readiness while having fun. Download the printable activity today and watch as your child discovers the joy of rhyming words in an interactive and engaging manner.

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