Do you have a kid curious about space, planets, stars, and more? Get their brains ticking with these 20 fun and easy riddles on universe for kids. These family-friendly riddles on solar systems will entertain and educate kids of all ages. See if you can all guess the answers!

Easy Riddles On Universe for Kids and Adults

Each riddle comes with the answer provided, but no peeking until you’ve given it a guess!

1. Riddle: I’m very hot, bright, and made mostly of hydrogen and helium gases. What am I?

Tricky Riddles On Universe For Kids With Answers

Riddles On Universe For Kids

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Answer: A star.

2. Riddle: I’m a band of seven colors that sometimes appear in the sky. What am I?

Answer: A rainbow.

3. Riddle: We orbit the Sun, but we’re not planets. There are millions of us traveling through space. What are we?

Answer: Asteroids.

4. Riddle: I have so much gravity, not even light can escape. What am I?

Answer: A black hole.

5. Riddle: I’m the closest star to Earth and keep this planet warm. What am I?

Answer: The Sun

6. Riddle: I’m Earth’s only natural satellite and orbit the planet once every month. What am I?

space riddle for kids

Answer: The Moon.

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7. Riddle: I look like I have a tail because debris swirls behind me as I speed through space. What am I?

Answer: A comet.

8. Riddle: I’m the fourth planet from the Sun and the hottest planet in the solar system. My surface is beneath thick clouds made of sulfuric acid. What planet am I?

Answer: Venus.

9. Riddle: My atmosphere has colorful streaks and a giant red spot that has raged for over 300 years. What planet am I?

Answer: Jupiter.

10. Riddle: I’m the planet farthest from the Sun and it take a long time to complete one orbit. What icy planet am I?

astronomy Riddles For Kids

Answer: Neptune.

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11. Riddle: I’m the galaxy that contains our solar system with over 200 billion stars. What galaxy am I?

Answer: The Milky Way

12. Riddle: I’m a cluster of stars, gas, and dust bound together by gravity. What am I called?

Answer: A galaxy.

13. Riddle: I’m the telescope in space taking amazing pictures of the deepest parts of space. What am I?

Answer: Hubble Space Telescope

14. Riddle: I’m the planet with a giant red storm that could swallow 2-3 Earths. What planet am I?

Answer: Jupiter

15. Riddle: I’m the nearest star to planet Earth and I look yellow. What star am I?

Answer: The Sun

16. Riddle: I orbit the planets and am made of small, icy chunks. What am I?

Answer: Rings

17. Riddle: I’m an astronaut’s home in space where experiments can be carried out in microgravity. What am I?

Answer: Space station

18. Riddle: I’m a planet where people live and roam, with land and water, I’m your cozy home. What am I?

Riddles about Universe For Kids With Answers

Answer: Earth.

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19. Riddle: I’m Earth’s little brother, smaller and redder and hotter – What planet am I?

Answer: Mars

20. Riddle: I can be behind you, in front of you, and all around at the same time. What am I?

Answer: Space

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How did you do with these riddles on Universe for kids? Discuss the answers with your kids to teach them about the mysteries of space while having some fun at the same time! No matter their score, gazing at the stars is an exciting adventure for children of all ages.

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