Do your kids love crossword puzzles? Here is a great collection of Simple crossword puzzle printables that kids will enjoy printing out and completing with a pencil. With fun themes like animals, school supplies, colors, and pirates, these English printable crossword puzzles for children are educational as well as entertaining.

Easy &  Simple Crossword Puzzle Printables for Kids PDF

The crossword puzzles below are made specifically for young children. They have simple vocabulary words and small grids that are not intimidating. As your child grows, introduce harder puzzles to keep them challenged!

Ahoy mateys! Have some swashbuckling fun with this pirate themed crossword puzzle.
This is an engaging puzzle for imaginary pirate play.

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Crossword Puzzles Printable for Kids

English crossword puzzles with answers pdf

Download Pirate Crossword Puzzle Free
  • Answer: Pirate – Treasure – Map – Gold – Island – Seashell 

Easy Animals Crossword Puzzle Worksheet

Our animals crossword puzzle features common pets, farms, and zoo creatures.
This crossword makes a great addition to an animal themes educational unit.

Animals crossword puzzle

Download Animals Crossword Puzzle
  • Answer: Elephant – Pear – Frog – Rabbit – Lion – Monkey – Mouse – Giraffe

English Crossword Puzzles With Answers pdf

Practice school vocabulary words with this fun school supplies crossword puzzle!
It’s perfect for back to school lessons and reviewing essential classroom tools.

free simple Crossword Puzzle Printables

Download School Supplies Crossword Printable
  • Answer: clock  –  Book – Bag – Ruler – Table – Pencil – chair – Colors 

kids crossword puzzles printable on colors

Learn colors with this delightful colors crossword puzzle for kids! It focuses on basic color words like blue, red, green, yellow, and others.
This crossword makes a nice supplement to primary color recognition lessons.

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kids crossword puzzles printable on colors

Download Crossword puzzle about colors
  • Answer: Red – Yellow – Orange – Blue – Pink – Green 

Animal crossword puzzle PDF

Animal crossword puzzle

simple Crossword Puzzle Printables PDF

Download Easy Crossword Puzzle Printables
  • Answer: Rhinoceros – Hedgehog – ًWhale – ٍShark – Lion – tortoise – Fox

These printable kids crossword puzzles allow young learners to have old-fashioned pencil-and-paper fun while reinforcing vocabulary knowledge. Track down our selection of easy printable crosswords for children!

Download and print these free simple Crossword Puzzle Printables at home to entertain and educate your children. They’ll get some mental exercise while learning new vocabulary words across subjects. Shorter puzzles are suitable for early readers while longer grids will challenge older kids. Parent supervision may be needed for the youngest solvers.

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Educational Benefits of Printable crossword for kids

  • keep your kids engaged and learning.
  • Tests and builds children’s word knowledge
  • Encourages learning while having fun

Engagement & Entertainment

  • Provides a fun break from electronics/screen time
  • Good pastime for kids who enjoy word games and puzzles
  • Entertains kids during down time, travel, rainy days, etc.


  • Completely free printable puzzles for cost-conscious parents
  • Easy to print at home instantly or download pdfs for later
  • Travel-friendly activity for on-the-go learning

Skill Building

  • Promotes problem-solving abilities
  • Allows kids to practice alphabetical order
  • Challenges children to think critically for age and skill level


  • Many different puzzle topics and themes to choose from
  • Varying difficulty levels suit abilities from 1st through 5th grade
  • Answer keys provided to check work or give hints if needed

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