In a small village, a hard-working farmer cared for his fields. However, he struggled without a reliable water source for his crops. One day, his neighbor offered to sell him an old well on his land. Seeing this as a solution, the farmer agreed to purchase the well, unaware of the neighbor’s deceitful intentions.

The Farmer And The Well Short Story With Moral

english Farmer And The Well Short Story with moral

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One sunny day, a farmer bought a well from his neighbor. He was happy to have a water source for his crops and animals.

The Neighbor’s Trick

But the next morning, the mean neighbor would not let the farmer take any water from the well! “I sold you the well, not the water,” he said and left. The poor farmer felt very sad.

The Wise Judge

The farmer went to see the emperor to ask for help. The emperor called his wisest judge, Birbal, to solve the problem. Birbal asked the neighbor why he would not let the farmer use the water.

Birbal’s Smart Solution

The neighbor said he had only sold the well, not the water inside it. But Birbal said, “Since you sold the farmer the well, you cannot keep the water in his well. Either pay him rent or take it out!” The neighbor realized his trick had failed.

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The Neighbor Learns His Lesson

Feeling foolish, the neighbor apologized to the farmer. From that day on, he allowed the farmer to use the water whenever he needed it.


  • Greed and trickery are unwise and will eventually be exposed.
  • It is better to be honest, fair, and helpful to others.
  • Seeking justice from wise authorities can resolve disputes peacefully.

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