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The letter M is a fun letter for preschoolers to learn. M is the first letter in words like mom, money, mouse, and more. Using letter M worksheets can help reinforce recognition and early literacy skills in a hands-on way. In this article, we provide free printable letter M worksheets for preschoolers that parents and teachers can download.

Free Printable Letter M Worksheets For Preschoolers PDF

One good activity is having preschoolers trace the letter M. This printable worksheet has uppercase and lowercase M’s to trace with a dot to dot format. Tracing allows preschoolers to develop fine motor skills while saying the letter sound.

free printable tracing letter m worksheet

Traceable Letter M Sheet

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Worksheets for letter m for kindergarten

Worksheets for letter m for kindergarten 

Free Printable Letter M Worksheets For Preschoolers

Another great activity is a color by letter coloring page. This worksheet has preschoolers color items that start with the letter M while also finding letter M’s and tracing lines. It covers color recognition, letter recognition, and visual perception skills.

Letter worksheets

 L    N

Find Missing Letter M Worksheet

Find missing letter M worksheet 

Find the Missing Letter M – Builds letter sound association and early literacy skills.

Worksheet letter m activities for preschool

Worksheet letter m activities for preschool

Letter m cut worksheet and paste

Finally, this cut and paste activity allows preschoolers to cut out pictures starting with the letter M and paste them next to the correct letter. Cutting activities develop fine motor skills while categorization boosts cognitive development.

Using hands-on printables allows preschoolers to learn the letter M in a fun, interactive way. Download these free letter M worksheets today!

Download Letter M worksheets for preschool printables

Download Free Printable Worksheets Letter M For Preschoolers

The downloadable PDF includes:

  • Trace and write capital and small letters M
  • Color pictures beginning with J and find missing M
  • Cut and paste pictures to match the letter M

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These letter M worksheets provide engaging opportunities to target a variety of key preschool learning skills. Use them at home, in the classroom, or for summer practice to help preschoolers progress with recognizing, sounding out, writing, and using the letter M. With colorful illustrations and a variety of activities, they make learning the letter M fun and engaging for preschool-aged children!

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