Learning the Alphabet with Fun the Letter I Worksheets for Preschoolers…
Helping preschoolers learn the alphabet and letter sounds is an important part of early childhood education. Letter recognition builds pre-reading skills and sets the foundation for future reading and writing. Using interactive and hands-on letter worksheets is an engaging way to introduce preschoolers to new letters.

Free printable letter i worksheets for preschoolers PDF

Tracing and practice letter i sound worksheets for kindergarten

tracing the letter i worksheets for preschool

Tracing the letter i worksheets for preschool

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The letter I is a common early letter for preschoolers to practice. The capital letter I and its lowercase form i have simple forms that are easy for little hands to trace, color, and copy. Preschool letter I worksheets cover basic skills like letter recognition and phonics. These printable I worksheets also incorporate fun themes, cute characters, and activities that hold young children’s interest.

Worksheets For Letter i

Worksheets For Letter i

This collection of letter I worksheets for preschool has a variety of printables to supplement alphabet instruction:

Traceable Letter I – Outlined capital and lowercase I forms allow preschoolers to use crayons or markers to trace. This beginning pencil control activity prepares kids for handwriting while reinforcing letter shape recognition.

Find the uppercase and lowercase letter I’s scattered among other letters. This challenges kids to recognize I forms while practicing following directions.

Letter I Scavenger Hunt – How many I’s can your preschooler find and circle on this activity page? Great for familiarity with the written form of the letter I.

Letter worksheets

 H    J

Missing letter I worksheet Game

letter i sound worksheets for kindergarten

Letter I Worksheet Cut and Paste

Letter I Worksheet Cut and Paste

Letter i worksheets for kindergarten

All of these printable letter I worksheets for kindergarten are fun, skill-building additions to the alphabet preschool curriculum. Engage early learners with these free I worksheets. Simply print out the convenient PDF below.

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Download Letter I Worksheets PDF

Download the letter I worksheets for preschoolers

This packet includes:

  • Trace Letter I Worksheet
  • Color and Find Missing Letter Worksheet
  • Cut and Paste Letter I Worksheet

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With appealing illustrations and engaging activities, these letter i worksheets for preschoolers to practice multiple alphabet skills. Print out this PDF to continue building your child’s alpha literacy at home or in the classroom.

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