As a parent or teacher, you’re probably always on the lookout for creative ways to make math fun and engaging for first-grade students. One excellent way to accomplish this is through math riddles! These brain-teasing puzzles not only stimulate children’s critical thinking skills but also help them develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. In this article, we’ll explore 1st grade math riddles for kids that will have your young learners excited to solve math problems.

1st Grade Math Riddles for kids

These riddles are designed to be both fun and educational, helping kids learn and practice basic math concepts in an engaging way.

1R: I have four sides and four corners. What am I?

1st Grade Math Riddles For kids

1st grade math riddles for kids

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Ans: A square

2R: If you have 3 apples and you eat 1, how many apples do you have left?

Ans: 2 apples

3R: What is the next number in the sequence: 2, 4, 6, ___?

Ans: 8

4R: What shape has three sides?

Ans: A triangle

5R: What is 2 + 3?

Ans: 5

6R: In a garden, there are 8 red flowers and 5 yellow flowers. How many flowers are there in total?

Ans: There are 13 flowers in total.

7R: I am a number between 6 and 8. What am I?

Ans: 7

8R: If you have 5 fingers on each hand, how many fingers do you have in total?

Ans: 10 fingers

9R: What is the shape of a pizza?

riddle about shapes

Ans: A circle

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10R: I am a number that is three times the number of fingers on one hand. What am I?

Ans: 15

11R: I am a number that is twice the number of wheels on a bicycle. What am I?

Ans: 4

12R: I am more than 5 but less than 9. I am one less than the number of planets in our solar system. What am I?

Ans: 8

13R: I’m a number you can find by adding the number of colors in a rainbow.

math riddle number for kids

Ans: 7

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14R: Can you find me? I’m between 6 and 10. I’m less than 9 and more than 7.

Ans: 8

15R: I am a number that is half the number of months in a year. What am I?

Ans: 6

16R: I am a number that is one less than the number of fingers on both hands. What am I?

Ans: 9

17R: I’m a number you can find by adding the number of quarters in a dollar.

Ans: 4

18R: If you have 3 apples and 2 more fly to your basket, how many apples do you have now?

riddles math for class 1

Ans: You still have 3 apples because flying apples don’t count!

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19R: A farmer has 7 cows, and 3 more cows join his farm. How many cows does the farmer have now?

Ans: The farmer has 10 cows.

20R: If there are 9 bouncing balls in a playground, and 1 bounces away, how many bouncing balls are left?

Ans: There are still 9 bouncing balls; one just bounced away.

21R: If there are 7 sunny days in a week and 2 rainy days, how many days are there in a week?

easy tricky math riddle for kids

Ans: There are 7 days in a week, whether they are sunny or rainy!

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22R: If you have 10 pencils and you sharpen 6 of them, how many unsharpened pencils do you have?

Answer: You still have 10 pencils; they’re just sharper now!

These 1st grade math riddles for kids are a fantastic way to make math enjoyable and interactive for young learners. They encourage children to think critically, apply basic math skills, and have fun while doing it. Use these riddles as a part of your daily math routine, during playtime, or as a fun family activity to help your first-graders build a strong foundation in mathematics. By making math exciting from the start, you’ll set them on the path to becoming confident problem solvers.

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