What do you want to be when you grow up? guess who I am and learn about careers!. In this article, kids will learn about different jobs and occupations through riddles…

Community helpers riddles Kindergarten | Who Am I? Riddle Questions

A community helper is anyone in the community who helps others by providing a service. Have Fun Kids with Competitions community helper riddles

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Riddle: I teach children many things that they need to know. Who am I?

  • Answer: I am a teacher

Riddle: I help you when you are sick or hurt. I also help you to stay healthy. Who am I?

  • Answer: I am a doctor

Riddle: I put out fires and rescue people. Who am I?

  • Answer: I am a firefighter

Riddle: I keep people safe. I protect our community from crime. I make sure people follow the rules. Who am I?

  • Answer: I am a police officer

Riddle: I deliver letters and packages. Who am I?

  • Answer: mail carrier

Riddle: I help you find the books you’re looking for. Who am I?

  • Answer: librarian

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Riddles community helpers for toddlers

 Community helpers who are I riddles…

Riddle: I take care of your pets when they are sick. Who am I?

Community Helpers Riddles Kindergarten

  • Answer: I am a veterinarian

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Riddle: I work in a bakery. I make bread and cakes. Who am I?

  • Answer: I am a baker

Riddle: I fix cars that have broken down. Who am I?

  • Answer: I am a mechanic

Riddle: I take care of sick people. I help doctors keep you well. Who am I?

  • Answer: I am a nurse

Riddle: I read prescriptions from your doctor and give you the medicine. Who am I?

  • Answer: I am a pharmacist

Riddle: I make meals in a restaurant. Who am I?

Careers community helpers guessing game

Guess Community helpers who am I riddles…

I keep houses and building looking like new. I need a brush & paints to do my work. Who am I?

  • I am a painter 

I keep your money in a safe place. Who am I?

  • I am banker

I drive lots of children to and from school. Who am I?

  • I am a bus driver

I keep our neighborhoods clean. I pick up the garbage from your home. Who am I?

  • Answer: garbage man

This activity puzzle is great to introduce or review English vocabulary to do with jobs and occupations.

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Video job riddles for toddlers

To play this game, simply show the video in class. There are 7 easy quizzes ‘Riddles For Toddlers About Jobs’ and each quiz describes a job and asks ‘who Am I?’. Students must guess what job it is before the time runs out.

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