Car tracing pictures is a fun and educational activity for children of all ages. These printable sheets feature various car designs and shapes for children to trace and practice their fine motor skills.

Free Transportation tracing worksheet for kindergarten

To use car tracing pictures, simply print out the sheet and provide kids with a pencil or marker. They can then trace over the lines of the car design, following the contours and shapes of the vehicle. As children become more confident with tracing, they can try tracing without the use of printed lines, creating their own car designs.

  • This sheet contains 7 various cars that will improve your basic drawing skills.
  • Develop muscle memory, as you study their simplified form by tracing over them.
  • A perfect gift for your little aspiring artist.
  • Recommended Could be used while placing a blank sheet of paper under the artwork.
  • Below get free high a resolution pdf.

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Car tracing worksheet

Toddlers who love to draw and color will enjoy this fun tracing the type of vehicle and coloring pages.

Awesome Car Tracing Pictures Printable Worksheet

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Free coloring pages car and tracing

We love this jeep car! It’s a good tracing page for toddlers, with its simple lines and fun expression.


Free coloring pages car and tracing

Tracing jeep car worksheet

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Tracing drawing car pictures

Practice pencil skills with this pickup truck car tracing page! Before kids color, on the car tracing page, they need to practice their pencil control skills and trace the dotty lines.

Tracing drawing car pictures

Tracing truck car worksheet

School bus tracing worksheet

Free Car Tracing Pictures Printable Worksheet. Spend a fun time with your toddlers. Get a file of 7 sheets of simple dotted line drawings of cars.


Transportation tracing worksheet

Tracing bus worksheet

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Easy car trace – Ambulance tracing

Your toddler can trace over the dotted lines on this Ambulance and then color. Fun and good practice too!

pre k shape tracing cars - Ambulance tracing

transportation tracing worksheet

Printable car tracing pictures for kindergarten

Especially for your children, here’s an ice cream car tracing page for some pencil control practice and coloring funny!

Car Tracing Pictures Printable Worksheet

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Shapes car tracing worksheets free

All you have to do is follow the lines, relax and watch the time slip away with kids.

Shapes car tracing worksheets

Tracing plane sheet printable

We love this cute plane! It’s a good tracing page for kids, with its simple lines and fun expression.

tracing plane sheet printable

Airplane trace drawing

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The Tracing Worksheet contains 7 pictures :

  1. pickup truck
  2. Fuel truck
  3. Ambulance
  4. School bus
  5. Jeep car
  6. cute Plane
  7. Small car easy to trace
  • Get Free Cars Tracing Worksheet Printable. All 7 pages for the toddlers to trace and color. Free PDF Below!
  • You can print these cars trace, color, and draw as many times as you like for personal use.
  • If you wish to share these worksheets with others, please share the link to this page instead of sharing a printable file.
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car tracing pictures are an excellent way to help children improve their fine motor skills, while also learning about cars and transportation. With a wide variety of designs available for print, there is something to suit children of all ages and skill levels.

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