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Preschool is an important time for young children to learn the building blocks that will set them up for future academic success. A key component of early literacy is alphabet knowledge. Learning the ABC’s, letter names, sounds, and how to write letters is essential for phonics, reading, and writing. Making this skill acquisition fun for little learners is key. Check out this round-up of entertaining and educational letter K worksheets for your preschooler or kindergartner.

Letter k worksheets free printables for preschoolers PDF

tracing Letter k worksheets free printables

Letter K Activities and Tracing Practice

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Recognizing and writing the uppercase and lowercase letter K is an important first step to alphabet mastery. Tracing worksheets provide guidance and repetition for properly forming this letter. Solid lines show students where to begin and dotted lines demonstrate the path to follow. Once familiar with the basic strokes, kids can move on to freehand writing the letter K on additional worksheet pages.

Worksheets for letter K Printable Preschool

Letter k worksheets free printables for preschoolers

Letter k worksheets free printables for preschoolers

Sorting Games with Objects Beginning with K

A hands-on activity to reinforce the letter K is a sorting game. Provide your preschooler with a collection of small items or pictures of objects that start with the /k/ sound (kitten, kite, keys, kangaroo, etc.) in a container. Have them sort through and pick out only the items that begin with K and say the /k/ sound as they identify each one. This activity combines tactile learning, auditory association, visual discrimination, and expressive language.

Letter worksheets


Missing letter K worksheet

Find missing letter K worksheet

In this worksheet are pictures and words corresponding to the featured letter. Some letters in the words are missing. Your child follows the image to locate the missing letter K’s. This develops visual tracking skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor control.

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Cut and Paste Letter K Worksheets

Cut and Paste Letter K Worksheets

This activity allows preschoolers to refine scissor skills while matching image variants of the same words beginning with the letter k.

With a mixture of games, crafts, tracing, and sensory activities, early learners can swiftly become pros at recognizing, writing, and sounding out the letter K. Download and print this bundle of letter K worksheets to keep the kindergarten fun rolling!

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Download free printable Letter K worksheets for preschool

Download Letter k worksheets free printables for preschoolers

The downloadable PDF includes:

  • Trace and write capital and small letters K
  • Color pictures beginning with J and find missing K
  • Cut and paste pictures to match the letter K

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Reinforce preschool learning with Letter K worksheets free printables for toddlers’ recognition, phonics, fine motor skills, and more using these printable worksheets!

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