Video Make Decore Ramadan 2022 ( aluminum foil & cardboard )

Today show you how to Make Decore Ramadan 2022 With aluminum foil And cardboard to give the place a Luxurious decorative look. Below you can Download a free Printable Crescent Moon and stars Template PDF below you find button...

Make Decore Ramadan 2024 | Handmade Decore Ramadan

The Crescent of Ramadan is the most prominent symbol of the holy month, so we find in all homes and streets the shape of the crescent and stars in all parts as a prominent example of Islamic decoration, with the addition of a group of stars that make the shape more attractive.

You can use: Free Printable lantern Ramadan Decorations

Printable Crescent Moon Template pattern

Below you can get a crescent printable pattern pdf

Printable Crescent Moon Template

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Free Printable stars pattern Template

Below you can get stars printable pattern pdf

If you want Ramadan decor with creative ideas and suitable for the holy month, you should rely on small lanterns craft that will add a beautiful shape to the place … Enjoy Ramadan with Sadeky…We are getting closer to you day by day

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