Imagination and creativity are gifts that kids naturally possess. That’s why it’s so easy and natural to do crafts with kids. It’s great fun though! In the following, we will show you great ideas for making kids Paper Lanterns that are easy as pie. In addition, you will also find simple instructions on how to realize such a DIY project with your little ones.

New kids Paper Lanterns | Paper Chinese Lantern For Ramadan

Today we’re doing Paper Chinese Lantern For Ramadan with children again… Creativity is actually not just a talent that some people have and others don’t. Like any talent, this one should be trained and challenged. That starts in childhood… watch the video below step by step.

What you will need to make Paper lantern craft for kids :

  • Colored paper or construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Dual sticks or stapler

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Paper lantern craft for kids

Making new kids Paper Lanterns 2022

Easy Chinese lanterns for kids step by step

kids paper lanterns steps… Classic paper lanterns are so easy to make and can be used for Ramadan… You can also put a tea lamp in this paper lantern.

طريقة عمل فانوس رمضان بالورق خطوات بالصور .. kids Paper Lanterns

To make a simple Ramadan lantern out of paper, you will need:

  • colored construction paper
  • scissors
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • tape or glue


  1. Cut a rectangle out of the construction paper using scissors. The size of the rectangle will depend on how large you want the lantern to be.
  2. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise to create a crease.
  3. Measure and mark four inches from the top of the folded edge on both sides.
  4. Cut from the top corner of the folded edge to the mark on both sides.
  5. Unfold the paper and use the crease as a guide to make a small fold at the top of the lantern.
  6. Fold the top corners of the lantern inwards to create a triangular shape.
  7. Tape or glue the corners together to secure the shape of the lantern.
  8. Repeat the process to create as many lanterns as desired.
  9. You can also decorate the lantern with additional paper or paint.

You can add more decoration, colors, or designs to your lantern as per your preference.

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