Learning the Alphabet with Fun & Free Printable Letter R Worksheets For Preschool or Kindergarten…
The letter R is an important letter for preschoolers to learn. It’s a consonant that appears frequently at the beginning of words they’ll encounter often, like “rabbit,” “ring,” “run,” and “rainbow.” Mastering the letter R helps kids with reading readiness and phonics.

Free Printable Letter R Worksheets For Preschoolers PDF

Luckily, many fun ways exist to introduce the letter R to preschool-aged children. Printable worksheets allow parents and teachers to supplement letter recognition lessons with hands-on activities that engage young learners. The letter R worksheets included in the free printable PDF below feature tracing, coloring, and other engaging exercises.

Free printable letter r tracing worksheets

Free printable letter r tracing worksheets

Worksheets for the letter R

Tracing is a great way to help preschoolers get familiar with the look and shape of the letter R. In the first worksheet, kids can use crayons or markers to trace the uppercase and lowercase letters R several times. Tracing the same letter repeatedly improves fine motor skills while reinforcing letter recognition.

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Printable Worksheets for the letter R kindergarten

Letter r worksheets for kindergarten

Worksheets for letter R

Coloring and tracing is a fun activity that also helps preschoolers practice controlling a writing utensil.

Letter worksheets

 Q    S

Letter R worksheets cut and paste

Letter R worksheets cut and paste

Cutting and pasting activities develop scissor skills while also allowing preschoolers to take a hands-on approach to learning. For this worksheet, kids can cut out images that start with the letter R, like a rainbow, rocket and rose. They can then paste the images on the worksheet in the correct spaces next to the matching words starting with R.

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Find the Missing Letter worksheet

Find the Missing Letter worksheet

Can your preschooler figure out which letter is missing from these words? This challenges young learners to think about letter sounds and word construction like “radio” “ring” and “parrot”

With these engaging printables, preschoolers can have fun while gaining important familiarity with the letter R. Tracing, coloring, finding missing letters, and cut-and-paste activities provide a multifaceted approach to R recognition. Download the printable PDF below to get all of these letter R worksheets in one place!

Download printable letter r worksheets for preschool free

Download Free Printable Letter R Worksheets For Preschool

The linked PDF includes the following printable worksheets for the letter r:

  • Traceable uppercase and lowercase letter R
  • Color pictures that start with R
  • Find the missing letter R
  • Cut and paste the letter R worksheet

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