As a fun way to help kids share their Ramadan traditions with classmates, many parents like to put together Ramadan goodie bag ideas for school. Here are some creative ideas for what to include in a Ramadan goodie bag for classmates or teachers.

Ramadan Goodie Bag Ideas For School

Here are some simple and creative ideas for Ramadan goodie bags for kids and adults:

Ramadan goodie bag

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For Kids: What to put in Ramadan goodie bags?

  • Dates: These sweet, sticky fruits are a traditional way to break the fast at sunset. Look for fresh Medjool dates or pre-packaged dried dates.
  • Ramadan decorations: Look for mini Ramadan banners or lanterns that classmates can use to decorate their own spaces.
  • Ramadan Coloring Book: A Ramadan-themed coloring book can be a fun and educational activity for kids during the month of Ramadan.
  • Turkish delight: Chewy gummy candy flavored with rosewater and dusted in powdered sugar, Turkish delight is a classic Ramadan sweet.

ramadan goody bags

  • Ramadan Story Book: A book with stories about Ramadan can be a great way to teach kids about the significance of the month.
  • Stickers: Ramadan-themed stickers can be a fun addition to the goodie bags.
  • Small Toys: Small toys like fidget spinners, Ramadan bingo, or toy cars can keep kids entertained during the month of Ramadan.
  • Ramadan Craft Kits: Craft kits with materials to make Ramadan decorations can be a fun way for kids to get creative during the month.
  • Ramadan activity book – Provide an informational but fun book on Ramadan traditions.
  • Eid gifts – Small toys, stickers, temporary tattoos, etc. themed around Eid festivities.

ramadan goodie bags

For Adults: what to put in Ramadan goodie bags 

  • Dates and Nuts: Just like kids, adults also enjoy dates and nuts during Ramadan. You can include a variety of dates and nuts in the goodie bags.
  • Prayer Beads: Prayer beads, also known as tasbih, can be a thoughtful gift for adults to use during their prayers.
  • Prayer Mat: A small prayer mat that can be easily carried around can be a practical gift for adults.

what to put in ramadan goodie bags

  • Scented Candles: Scented candles can create a relaxing atmosphere during the month of Ramadan.
  • Ramadan Recipe Book: A recipe book with traditional Ramadan recipes can be a great gift for adults who enjoy cooking.
  • Islamic Books: Books on Islamic topics can be a thoughtful and educational gift for adults.
  • Personalized Gifts: Personalized gifts like mugs, keychains, or bookmarks with Islamic designs can be a special touch to the goodie bags.
  • Ramadan calendar: Print out a calendar that highlights the dates and practices.
  • Glossary: Make a handy glossary that defines key terms like iftar, suhoor, etc.
  • Introduction letter: Include a nice note introducing yourself and giving an overview of Ramadan.
ramadan goody bag

Ramadan goodie bag ideas for school

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With tasty treats, fun trinkets, and great educational resources, a Ramadan goodie bag can be a wonderful way for Muslim students to share their important traditions and practices with classmates. Get creative with your Ramadan goodie bags this year!

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