Rhyming is an important early reading skill that helps kids recognize patterns in words and sounds. This simple worksheet helps kindergarten students practice identifying rhyming word pairs through matching and writing exercises. Parents and teachers can download and print this free worksheet on rhyming words for kindergarten to use at home or in the classroom.

Free printable Worksheet On Rhyming Word For Kindergarten

Worksheet On Rhyming Words For Kindergarten

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You can download the free full pdf below… 

Printable Worksheet On Rhyming Words For Kindergarten Free

Recognizing rhyming words is a foundational literacy skill that paves the way for future reading success. Rhyming helps children:

  • Become aware of word sounds and phonics
  • Identify similar sound patterns
  • Develop vocabulary and reading comprehension
  • Read with greater fluency
  • Challenges students to produce their own rhymes for vocabulary reinforcement

Mastering rhymes takes practice, and this worksheet provides engaging repetition for beginning readers. The activities reinforce rhyme concepts and help kids recognize word families.

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Rhyming words worksheet for kids free

Rhyme Matching: Students draw lines to match rhyming picture words in pairs. Examples include cat/hat, sun/run, and dog/frog.

matching Rhyming words worksheet for kids free

The activities use simple vocabulary featuring short vowel sounds and many rhymes ending in –at, –un, and –og. With teacher modeling, students can practice sounding out the words and listening for matching end sounds.

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Rhyming worksheet for preschoolers

Activity for smart kids. Does it rhyme?

rhyming worksheet for grad 1

The worksheet can be used independently for assessment or in small groups/centers.

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Free rhyming worksheet

Tick the correct rhyming words:

Free rhyming worksheet

Moon/Spoon – Tag/Flag – Sing/King – Lunch/Munch – Gift/Lift

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Rhyming worksheets for Kindergarten cut and paste free

Cut pictures and paste them beside their pairs

Rhyming worksheets for Kindergarten cut and paste free

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Matching rhyming worksheet for kids

Math the rhyming words:

matching rhyming worksheet for kids

Usage Tips

  • Demonstrate sample rhymes and have kids generate their own rhyming words.
  • Encourage sound manipulation like changing cat to hat.
  • Use as morning work or during literacy centers.
  • Display rhyming word families on the word wall.
  • Send home for extra rhyming practice.

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How to use a rhyming worksheet?

  1. Print the Worksheet: Download and print the worksheet in vibrant colors to capture the attention of young learners.
  2. Introduce Rhyming Concepts: Begin by explaining the concept of rhyming to the children. Use simple examples and encourage them to identify words that sound alike.
  3. Engage in Interactive Learning: Work through the worksheet together, discussing each section and encouraging children to express their thoughts.
  4. Review and Reinforce: After completing the worksheet, take time to review the rhyming words. Reinforce the learning by incorporating rhyming games or songs.

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With repeated exposure and fun practice, this free worksheet will boost kindergarten students’ rhyming and phonics skills. Download the printable worksheet on rhyming words for kindergarten to help kids discover the joy of rhyme!

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