Enjoy this collection of short rhyming riddles for kids with answers. These fun rhyming puzzles will delight children while helping develop their critical thinking and language skills. See how many your child can solve!

Rhyming riddles for kids with answers

Riddles are an exciting way to stimulate young minds, encouraging them to think creatively and logically. Rhyming riddles, in particular, add an extra level of fun by engaging children in a playful manner. These riddles often tease the brain while captivating with their rhythmic and poetic appeal.

1. I’m found in water but I’m never wet,
I have no legs but I can still jet.
What am I?

Easy Rhyming Riddles For Kids With Answers

Rhyming Riddles For Kids With Answers

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  • A boat

2. I’m tall when I’m young and short when I’m old,
the more I stand still, the quicker I fold.
What am I?

  • A candle

3. Silver and gold in a leather pouch,
the more I’m used the thinner I couch.
What am I?

  • A toothbrush

4. People make me, save me,
change me, and spend me.
What am I?

  • Money

5. I wiggle and jiggle and tickle inside.
I help you digest your food with my slide.
What am I?

Fun Rhyming Riddle For Kids

  • Your tummy

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6. I’m round and have one eye.
I can see you running by.
When you’re sleepy,
on me you’ll lie.
What am I?

  • A bed

7. I’m light as a feather
but the strongest man can’t hold me
for over five minutes.
What am I?

  • Breath

8. I’m tall when I’m young and short when I’m old.
I glow while I’m living and smoke when I’m cold.
What am I?

  • A candle

9. I have a face but I don’t have a head,
I always show twelve but I’m not a clock.
What am I?

  • A ruler

10. I have hands but cannot clap,
a face but no head.
You can wind me up,
but I can’t walk instead.
What am I?

  • A clock

11. I wiggle and cannot see,
I sneeze but have no nose.
I need the ground to move,
wherever my master goes.
What am I?

  • A worm

12. I’m wet and salty and found near the sea,
within me swim creatures small as can be.
What am I?

  • The ocean

13. I come one in a minute,
twice in a moment,
but never in a thousand years.
What am I?

  • The letter M

14. I start with a T,
end with a T,
and have T in me.
What am I?

  • A teapot

15. I am hot, I am cold,
I give drink when I’m told.
I have a lid, but no box.
Just a tip – don’t get in a fox!
What am I?

Short rhyming riddles

  • A teakettle

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16. I have four short legs and sometimes no legs at all.
I carry heavy loads and move furniture down the hall.
What am I?

  • A table

17. I run over fields and woods all day.
Under the bed at night I sit not alone.
My tongue hangs out, up and to the rear,
awaiting to be filled in the morning clear.
What am I?

  • A shoe

18. Head inside I have eyes to see,
ears to hear, and a mouth to eat.
What am I?

  • Corn

19. I’m weightless but you can still see me.
Hold me too tight and I’ll cease to be.
What am I?

  • A breath

20. Dirty plates are my fate, scrub and rub I do.
Put me to work and I’ll clean for you.
What am I?

  • A dishrag

21. People cut me into pieces every day.
They put me on bread and take me away.
What am I?

Rhyming riddle with answer

  • Cheese

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22. When you need me at first I’m tall.
But the more you use me,
the smaller I grow.
What am I?

  • A pencil

23. White bird featherless flutters,
flies to the heavens above.
Gone before you see it,
filled with a father’s love.
What is it?

  • A kiss

24. Work and play and night and day,
I burn and burn without delay.
What am I?

  • Fire

25. I have branches but no fruit, trunk, or leaves.
I am found in every state, town, village, and sleeves.
What am I?

  • A library

26. Everything is dark when I am not around.
But with the flip of a switch, light can be found.
What am I?

  • The Sun

27. People buy me to eat,
but never eat me.
What am I?

  • A plate

28. Big as a biscuit, deep as a cup,
even a river can’t fill me up.
What am I?

Rhyming riddles for Kindergarten

  • A sponge

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29. I always run but never walk.
I have a bed but I do not sleep.
I have a mouth but I do not talk.
What am I?

  • A river

30. I have cities, but no houses.
I have mountains, but no trees.
I have water, but no fish.
What am I?

  • A map

I’m very soft, yet I’m not a bed.
I’m full of feathers, and on me, you might rest your head.
What am I?

Rhyming riddle with answer for adults

  • Pillow

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How many of these fun rhyming riddles for kids with answers could you solve? Get the family together and try these out for some puzzle-solving fun!

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