Learning about ancient Egypt can be so much fun with riddles! Here are awesome Ancient Egypt Riddles For Kids to challenge their thinking. See how many your child can get right! The answers are below each riddle.

Printable Ancient Egypt Riddles For Kids | Egyptian Riddles

Ancient Egypt, with its pyramids, pharaohs, and hieroglyphics, has long captured the imaginations of both kids and adults alike. It was a land filled with intriguing mysteries and fascinating stories. What better way to explore this ancient civilization than through a series of engaging riddles designed just for kids? Let us start…

You can download free Ancient Egypt riddles for kids printable below…

1R: I flow through Egypt, north to south, bringing life to the land. What am I?

Ancient Egypt Riddles For Kids | Fun Riddles for Kids

Ancient egypt riddles for kids

  • Ans: The Nile River

2R: I’m a colossal structure made of stone, pointed at the top. Pharaohs rest in my chambers. What am I?

  • Ans: The Great Pyramid

3R: I am a symbol of protection, shaped like an eye. What am I?

Ancient egypt riddles for kids free

  • Ans: The Eye of Horus

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4R: I’m a desert that covers much of Egypt. I’m known for my golden sands. What am I?

  • Ans: The Sahara Desert

Pharaohs and Tombs Riddles

5R: I’m the famous boy king of Egypt whose tomb was discovered in 1922. Who am I?

  • Ans: King Tutankhamun (King Tut)

6R: I am the burial place of a pharaoh, filled with treasures and hidden chambers. What am I?

  • Ans: A tomb or pyramid

7R: I’m the mysterious creature with the body of a lion and the head of a pharaoh. What am I?

Ancient egypt riddles for kids free online

  • Ans: A Sphinx

8R: I’m a famous pharaoh known for building many temples and monuments. Who am I?

  • Ans: Ramses II

9R: I’m the mummy’s resting place, filled with ancient treasures. What am I?

  • Ans: A sarcophagus

Ancient Egyptian Life Puzzles

10R: I am the ancient system of writing using pictures and symbols. What am I?

Ancient Egyptian Life Riddles

  • Ans: Hieroglyphics

11R: I am an ancient musical instrument that looks like a harp. What am I?

  • Ans: A lyre

12R: I am a bread-like food from a grain grown in Ancient Egypt. What am I?

  • Ans: Pita bread

13R: I am the black substance used for writing on papyrus. What am I?

  • Ans: Ink

14R: I’m the animal that symbolizes rebirth and was sacred to the ancient Egyptians. What am I?

  • Ans: The scarab beetle

Gods and Goddesses Riddles

15R: I’m the sun god and the most important deity in Ancient Egypt. Who am I?

  • Ans: Ra

16R: I’m the goddess of love and motherhood, often depicted with a cat’s head. Who am I?

  • Ans: Bastet

17R: I am the god of the Nile and fertility, often depicted with a green face. Who am I?

  • Ans: Hapi

Ancient Egypt Riddles free

18R: I’m in the process of preserving bodies after death. What am I?

easy Ancient egypt riddles for kids free with answers

  • Ans: Mummification

19R: I’m the dynasty that built the pyramids at Giza. Which dynasty am I?

  • Ans: The Fourth Dynasty

20R: I’m a clay pot that carries water and stores grain. What am I?

  • Ans: Amphora

21R: I’m the pack animal used to carry heavy loads across desert sands. What animal am I?

Ans: Camel

22R: I am a famous queen of Egypt, known for my beauty and cunning. Who am I?

Ancient egypt riddles for kids free download

  • Ans: Cleopatra

Download Ancient Egypt riddles for kids

Download Ancient Egypt Riddles for Kids Free
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How many of these ancient Egypt riddles for kids could you get right? Learning about history with fun riddles is a great way for kids to expand their knowledge. Try making up your own to stump your friends and family!

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