Riddles for kids about animals is a funny way to read riddles about animals. The little child will see all the creatures in the world and learn new things about them. In this article, you can find new riddles for Kids About Animals 2023.  Many different types of puzzles are available here – pictures with answers and short riddles.  They will be useful both in teaching letters, words, and sounds, as well as to develop your memory and logical thinking abilities.

Awesome Riddles for Kids about animals | Guess what am I?

The riddles animals can help teach your kindergarten about animal behavior and deepen their understanding of the natural world. Your toddler learning outcome is to be able to describe what animals mean by the way they act. The answer is easy so that your kid will be able to read them alone.

1. This is something white and black
That starts with the letter Z
live in Africa and it eats grass
What animal is it?

animal riddles for kids

what am i animal riddles for kids

  • Answer: Zebra

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2. I carry my baby in my bag
I jump when I walk.
I live in Australia
Who am I?

  • Answer: Kangaroo

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3. I have very sharp teeth and a triangular fin on my back
I eat meat. I live in the ocean. What am I?

  • Answer: Shark

4. I have a long nose called a trunk
I am a very big animal and gray. Who am I?

  • Answer: Elephant

5. I have got four legs and a tail
I live as a pet at home.
I catch mice. who am I?

  • Answer: Cat

6. I usually have big patches on my body
I like to eat grass and produce milk.
I live on the farm. Who am I?

  • Answer: Cow

7. I’m not very big.  I have reddish-brown fur and a wide tail
A dog is my cousin. Who am I?

  • Answer: Fox

8. I’m very small.
I live on the meadow.
My body is yellow and black
I have four wings to fly. guess who am I?

  • Answer: Bee

9. I live in the jungle
I am yellow and brown
I have a long tail
I can eat you. What animal is it?

  • Answer: Lion

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10. I can hiss
I don’t have any legs
I am long
I have a forked tongue. who am I?

riddles for kids on animals

  • Answer: Snack 

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What am i animal riddles for kids

Get Your Kids’ Brain Working With These Awesome Animal Riddles For Toddlers

Riddles about animals are so much fun! Your toddler will love these riddles about animals. Some of the riddles are tricky, so if your kids get stuck, you can help them find the answers.

11. I eat bamboo
I am black and white
I’m quite lazy
I live in China. who am I?

Guess the animal riddles. What animal is it?

  • Answer: Panda

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12. I’m a bird
I can’t fly But I can swim
I can walk too.
I am black and white.
I like cold climate. what am I?

  • Answer: Penguin

13. I am the fastest runner in Savannah
I am a big cat
I like meat. guess what am I?

  • Answer: Cheetah

14. I fly but am not a bird
I am a mammal
I like eating fruit and insects
Sometimes I like some blood. what am I?

animal riddles with answers

Riddles for kids about animals with answers

  • Answer: Bat

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15. It is a very big
It is grey and may be white.
It has got a very long nose.
It lives in India and Africa. what is it?

  • Answer: Rhinoceros

16. I carry my house with me, whether I’m in the water or on land.
Guess who am I?

  • Answer: Turtle

17. It is big and tall
It has got a long neck
It can run and can’t swim
It lives in Africa. what animal is it?

  • Answer: Giraffe

18. I’m a bird with a long blue tail
When I see a beautiful lady, I fan out my tail to get her attention.
what am I?

  • Answer:؛Peacock

19. I live in the desert
I can for a long time without drinking water.
who am I?

  • Answer: Camel

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20. It has got two legs
It eats grass
It can swim it is not very big. what is it?

riddles for kids about animals

  • Answer: It is a Duck

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21. I have a shell on my back and I move slowly. Who am I?

  • Answer: A turtle!

22. I live in the ocean and have eight legs. What am I?

  • Answer: An octopus!

23. I am small and furry and love to collect nuts. Who am I?

  • Answer: A squirrel!

24. I am black and white and love to munch on bamboo. Who am I?

  • Answer: A panda!

25. What has a furry tail, big teeth, and eats carrots? Answer:

  • A rabbit!

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Short riddles on animals and birds

26. I’m a large animal with a mane and a powerful roar. Who am I?

  • Answer: Lion

27. I’m a small, scaly creature that can change color to blend in with my surroundings. What am I?

  • Answer: Chameleon

28. I’m a bird that stands on one leg and is known for my pink feathers. Who am I?

  • Answer: Flamingo

29. I’m a creature that lives in the ocean and has eight long tentacles. What am I?

  • Answer: Octopus

30. I’m a large animal with a hump on my back. Who am I?

  • Answer: Camel

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Have fun with our riddles about animals! Find the answer to each question.

These Riddles for Kids about animals are just the beginning. Encourage your kids to come up with their own animal riddles and challenge their friends and family members.

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