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Ramadan quiz for kids 2023 – Ramadan quiz questions and answers

  • Answer:  Eat Suhoor or Sehri.
  • Break The Fast With Dates.
  • Break The Fast As Soon As You Can (Hasten to Iftar).
  • Avoid Getting Angry or Swearing.
  • Be Generous.
  • Avoid Negative Talk.
  • Pray Taraweeh.
  • Answer: salat.
  • zakat.
  • Fasting – sawm
  • Pilgrimage – hajj).

Ramadan fasting quiz – Islamic questions for kids

How much do you know about the holy month of Ramadhan? Test your knowledge With these Quizzes Ramadan for kids and adults… Teach your kids how to fast through Ramadan quiz for kids

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  • Answer: Not eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset
  • Answer: Devils – Shaytan
  • Answer: The traveler, the sick, the weak, the old, and the very young
  • Answer: Continue your fast, it is a gift from Allah
  • Answer: Fasting on Eid ul Fitr is haraam. 

Ramadan Riddles with Answers

Start Ramadan Islamic questions with answer :Top Ramadan Islamic questions and answers

Ramadan Question and Answer – Ramadan Quiz Competition 2023

Explain to your child how important it is that Allah is pleased with us and how pleased He is when we fast in Ramadan. Explain that while fasting is difficult, we are rewarded for our efforts.

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Ramadan Quiz

Ramadan quiz for kids: Which month is Ramadan in the Islamic Calendar?

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Ramadan Quiz for kids

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For younger Muslims, Ramadan is a chance to learn more about their faith, carry out good deeds, enjoy a period of reflection and start fasting either for the first time.

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