The Golden Egg story teaches kids that it is important to appreciate what they have and not to become obsessed with acquiring more and more material possessions.

1.Golden Egg Story To Read Online

In the story of the Golden Egg, the moral is that greed can lead to destructive consequences.

Free Golden Egg Story In English Written With Moral

Golden Egg Story In English Written

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The farmer and the golden egg

Once upon a time, there was a small farm where a hen lived. One day, the farmer noticed something unusual about the hen. Every morning, the hen would lay a golden egg. The farmer was overjoyed and couldn’t believe his luck.

Greed Takes Over

The farmer started to get greedy and wanted more than just one golden egg a day. He thought that if he could get all the golden eggs at once, he could sell them and make a lot of money. So, he decided to cut open the hen’s stomach to get all the eggs.

The Hen’s Sacrifice

The farmer was shocked to find that there were no golden eggs inside the hen’s stomach. Instead, he had killed the hen, and his greed had caused him to lose his source of income. The farmer realized that he had made a terrible mistake.

Moral lesson of the golden egg story

  1. Greed can lead to a person’s downfall.
  2. It is important to be satisfied with what we have.
  3. Being too greedy for more can cause us to lose what we already have.
  4. The story also encourages children to work hard and to be satisfied with the fruits of their labor.
  5. True happiness and success come from having a positive attitude, being grateful, and finding contentment in simple things.

2. Golden Egg Story In English Written pdf

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