“The Proud Rose” is a heartwarming short story that encapsulates essential moral lessons through the life of a single rose. This tale offers a profound reflection on humility, inner beauty, and the significance of recognizing the value in others.

The Proud Rose short story in English With Moral

Proud Rose short story in English With Moral

Once upon a time, in a beautiful garden, there was a rose that was very proud of its stunning looks. It had bright red petals and a sweet fragrance that made everyone admire it. The rose was very happy and proud because it was the most beautiful flower in the garden.

Next to the rose, there was a cactus. The cactus was not as pretty as the rose. It had thick, green skin with sharp spines, and nobody paid much attention to it. The proud rose often looked down on the cactus and made fun of it.

“Look at you,” the rose said one day. “You are so ugly with all those thorns. No one will ever admire you like they admire me!”

The cactus didn’t say anything. It just stood quietly, soaking up the sun and storing water in its thick skin.

Time passed, and in one hot summer, there was no rain. The garden became dry, and the flowers started to wither. The beautiful rose also began to droop and lose its petals. It was very thirsty but couldn’t find any water.

One day, the rose saw a little bird sitting on the cactus, drinking water from it. The rose was surprised and asked the cactus, “How can you have water when I don’t?”

The cactus smiled and replied, “I store water in my thick skin. Would you like some to help you survive?”

The rose felt ashamed for being so mean to the cactus. “Yes, please,” said the rose. “I’m very thirsty.”

The kind cactus let the rose drink some of its water. Slowly, the rose started to feel better and its petals brightened again. The rose was very thankful to the cactus.

“I’m sorry for making fun of you,” said the rose. “You are very kind and strong. I was wrong to judge you by your looks.”

The cactus replied, “It’s okay. I’m glad I could help you. We all have our strengths and beauty.”

From that day on, the rose and the cactus became good friends. The rose learned an important lesson: it’s not what you look like on the outside that matters, but who you are on the inside. And the garden was happier than ever, with all the plants appreciating each other for their unique qualities.

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The Proud Rose Story Summary

The story begins in a garden where a proud rose stands tall, admired for its stunning beauty. Surrounded by admiration, the rose becomes conceited, looking down upon the other plants and flowers, particularly a nearby cactus, which it deems unworthy of attention due to its prickly appearance.

Moral of  Proud Rose Short  Story

  1. Don’t judge others by their appearance. Everyone has their unique beauty and strengths.
  2. Be kind and humble. You never know when you might need someone else’s help.
  3. Value inner qualities. True beauty comes from being kind and helpful to others.

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