Get ready for a classic tale about two forest friends – the monkey and the turtle short story. When they have a chance to share in something special, the monkey’s selfishness gets the best of him. But the turtle hilariously outsmarts her friend. This funny folktale teaches an important lesson about greed and true friendship that kids and adults alike will love. So curl up and enjoy the misadventures of the Clever Turtle and the Greedy Monkey!

The Monkey And The Turtle Short Story With Moral PDF

the monkey and the turtle short story

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Once upon a time, there was a quick-witted monkey who lived high up in a mango tree in the middle of a lush, tropical forest. At the base of the same tree was a pond where his best friend, a wise old turtle, made her home.

Every sunny day, the unlikely friends would play together in the shade of the grand tree. The monkey would swing from the branches as the turtle gazed up admiringly from the cool water below.

The Sapling

One morning, the turtle was meandering through the forest when she stumbled upon a tiny banana tree sapling growing in a clearing. It was small but healthy and would surely produce sweet fruit in time.

“This little sapling would be perfect for me and the monkey to plant together near our tree,” the turtle thought. She gently dug up the sapling and carried it back to show her friend.

“Look monkey!” she called up to him. “I found this baby banana tree. Let’s plant it so we can share all the tasty bananas when it grows big and tall!” The monkey loved bananas more than anything, so he readily agreed to help.

Caring for the Tree

The two friends worked diligently to plant the sapling in just the right spot where it would get plenty of sunlight and rainfall. The turtle faithfully watered their little tree every day while the monkey made sure to prune away any dead leaves.

Months passed as they cared for the tree and waited eagerly for bananas. The impatient monkey could hardly stand the wait. Finally, on a sunny morning, they awoke to find large bunches of ripe, yellow bananas hanging happily from the tree’s branches.

Gobbling Greedily

“It’s banana time!” the monkey shrieked in delight, immediately scrambling up the trunk. He hurriedly gobbled up banana after banana, tossing the peels aside without a second thought.

Down below, the turtle cleared her throat loudly. “Ahem! Don’t forget our agreement, my friend,” she said calmly. “We must share all this delicious fruit equally.”

The greedy monkey just laughed from the tree. “If you want some, you’ll have to come climb up here!” Of course, he knew the turtle could not climb.

The turtle was deeply hurt by the monkey’s selfish betrayal but did not get angry. “At the very least, please throw me the peels so my little hatchlings can nibble on them,” she requested kindly.

The mischievous monkey chuckled and causally tossed all the peels down, thinking it a great joke. He did not realize the turtle had a clever plan in mind.

A Unique Gift

A few days later, the king of the forest hosted a grand feast, inviting all creatures far and wide. He promised to generously reward whoever could present him with the most unique and special gift.

The scheming turtle collected up all the peels the monkey had discarded and carefully cleaned and wove them into a splendid, shining mat patterned like woven gold.

Meanwhile, the foolish monkey simply brought the king a large bunch of ordinary bananas, certain his gift would impress.

At the feast, the king was stunned when he saw the beautiful peel mat and heard of the turtle’s ingenuity. “This is the most extraordinary gift I’ve ever received!” the king declared majestically.

As a reward, he presented the turtle with a vast orchard filled with every kind of fruit tree imaginable. The turtle was thrilled!

The monkey returned home empty-handed, crestfallen at the loss of his friend and the king’s reward due to his own selfish actions.

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Moral of the Monkey and the Turtle story:

  • Don’t let greed make you break promises or betray friends
  • Stay humble and be willing to work hard for rewards
  • Patience and integrity bring real success, not deceit
  • Slow and steady perseverance wins, not risky shortcuts
  • Value true friendship and treat others how you wish to be treated

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