Answer on riddles leading to delightful “aha” moments. In this article, we’ve compiled a collection of easy What Is It riddles for kids, designed to stimulate their imaginations.

Easy What Is It Riddles for Kids With Answers

Riddles are a fun way to challenge your brain and exercise your thinking skills. Kids love riddles, especially easy “What am I?” riddles that involve guessing the object or animal based on a few descriptive clues. Here are some fun and easy what is it riddles that are perfect for kids. You can print the riddles card PDF below

Riddle #1: I’m yellow and you can find me up in the sky. What am I?

what is it riddles for kids with answers

Easy What Is It Riddles For Kids

  • Answer: The Sun

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Riddle #2: I’m white and fluffy, and I fall from the sky in winter. What am I?

  • Answer: Snow

Riddle #3: I’m a fruit, and I’m red and juicy. I’m a favorite in pies and cobblers. What am I?

  • Answer: Strawberries

Riddle #4: I’m a big, grey animal with a long trunk. What am I?

  • Answer: An Elephant

Riddle #5: I’m a yellow fruit that’s shaped like a crescent and monkeys love me. What am I?

  • Answer: A Banana

Riddle #6: I’m a reptile, and I can change the color of my skin. I often slither on the ground. What am I?

easy riddles with answers

  • Answer: A Chameleon

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Riddle #7: I’m a musical instrument that you blow into. I’m often seen in marching bands. What am I?

  • Answer: A Trumpet

Riddle #8: I’m a mode of transportation with two wheels. You pedal to move me. What am I?

  • Answer: A Bicycle

Riddle #9: I’m yellow and come from a chicken. You can cook me for breakfast. What am I?

  • Answer: An egg.

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Riddle #10: I’m grey and very large. I have a horn on my nose. What am I?

  • Answer: A rhinoceros.

Riddle #11: I’m white and made from milk. You can put me on bread or eat me with fruit. What am I?

  • Answer: Cheese.

Riddle #12: I’m pink and curly and you can find me in the ocean. What am I?

Funny riddles with answers for kids

  • Answer: A shrimp.

Riddle #13: I’m brown or black and say “moo”. I give milk that you can drink. What am I?

  • Answer: A cow.

Riddle #14: I’m orange and grow on trees. You can drink me as juice. What am I?

  • Answer: An orange.

Riddle #15: I’m brown and have a bushy tail. I collect nuts and climb trees. What am I?

  • Answer: A squirrel.

Riddle #16: I’m yellow and have black stripes. I can be very dangerous. What am I?

riddles on animals for kids

  • Answer: A bee.

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Riddle #17: I meow and have whiskers and soft fur. I make a great pet. What am I?

  • Answer: A cat.

Riddle #18: I bark loudly to alert my owner of danger. I am often trained to help people. What am I?

  • Answer: A dog.

Riddle #19: I’m green and have a hard shell. I come from the ocean and move slowly. What am I?

common riddles for little kids

  • Answer: A turtle.

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Riddle #20: I’m orange and black and celebrate Halloween. I fly at night. What am I?

  • Answer: A bat.

Riddle #21: I’m rectangular and made of glass. You look through me to see outside. What am I?

Easy riddles with answers for kindergarten

  • Answer: A window.

Download Printable Riddles for Kids with Answers

Download Riddles What am I printable Free

So how did you do? Easy riddles like these are a fun way for kids to practice logic and critical thinking. Try coming up with your own easy what is it riddles for kids to stump their friends! Happy riddling!

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