Guess My Job Game | What Am I? Fun Occupations Game PDF Free

Read out 3 clues about each job and let the toddlers have one guess. If they guess wrong they can’t guess again.
They get 3 points for guessing right after the first clue, 2 after the second, and 1 after the third.

Guess the job game PDF

This game is great for families, classrooms, and other groups of people who want to have fun while learning about different careers. It can also be played with people of all ages, making it a great activity for intergenerational gatherings.

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Get the PDF below image: professions for kids game

Guess the job game PDF

Download Jobs guessing game PDF

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“Guess the Job” also helps players develop critical thinking skills, as they must analyze the clues provided and use deductive reasoning to make an informed guess.

Get the PDF below image: Download Guess My Job Game for kindergarten and adult

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Download Jobs guessing game PDF

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Guess My Job Game is a competitive activity we made to practice jobs vocabulary with ur 9-10-year-olds. The job puzzle questions contain ( teacher, dancer, astronaut, artist, scientist, policeman, pilot, doctor, actor, pirate, footballer, and firefighter).

There are three clues for each job which you cut up and put in envelopes, along with a picture flashcard of the job. The kids took turns to come and read out a clue to the others.

They all had the opportunity to guess the job after one, two, or three clues, gaining 3, 2, or 1 points accordingly for a correct guess. To involve them all I had them write their guess on a whiteboard and hold it up for you to read. Once they guessed the job, they couldn’t guess that job again, so they had to think carefully about the clues.

Then I revealed the picture and elicited the name of the job. This can be done as a whole class, group, or pairs activity. An extension-homework activity could be for them to write their own clues for a job of their choice and have their classmates guess. we hope it’s useful and saves you time.

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