Guess My Job Game | What Am I? Fun Occupations Game PDF Free

Readout 3 clues about each job and let the kids have one guess. If they guess wrong they can’t guess again.
They get 3 points for guessing right after the first clue, 2 after the second, and 1 after the third.

Guess the job game PDF

Get the PDF below image: professions for kids game

Guess the job game PDF

Download Jobs guessing game PDF

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Who am I? – community helpers game free

Get the PDF below image: Download Guess My Job Game for kindergarten and adult

Who am i? - community helpers game free

Download Jobs guessing game PDF

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Guess My Job Game is a competitive activity we made to practice jobs vocabulary with ur 9-10-year-olds. The job puzzle questions contain ( teacher, dancer, astronaut, artist, scientist, policeman, pilot, doctor, actor, pirate, footballer, firefighter).

There are three clues for each job which you cut up and put in envelopes, along with a picture flashcard of the job. The kids took turns to come and read out a clue to the others.

They all had the opportunity to guess the job after one, two, or three clues, gaining 3, 2, or 1 point accordingly for a correct guess. To involve them all I had them write their guess on a whiteboard and hold it up for you to read. Once they guessed the job, they couldn’t guess that job again, so they had to think carefully about the clues.

Then I revealed the picture and elicited the name of the job. This can be done as a whole class, group, or pairs activity. An extension-homework activity could be for them to write their own clues for a job of their choice and have their classmates guess. we hope it’s useful and saves you time.

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