Here are some funny and entertaining short poems about animals with rhyming words that kids will love! These cute poems use rhyme and imagery to capture the unique sounds and actions of cats, dogs, birds, frogs, fish, and more. The rhythmic words help make these poems easy to remember and fun to recite. Use these poems to teach rhyming words or just for enjoyment!

Short poems About Animals That Rhyme

These funny kids’ poems use rhymes and imagery to describe how each animal moves and sounds:

Short cat poem That Rhyme

The Cat
The cat goes meow,
The cat’s fur is wow,
The cat likes to prowl,
Around the house, it will growl.

Short cat poems That Rhyme

Short poems about animals

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Short Dog Poem That Rhyme

The Dog
The dog goes woof,
The dog’s tail goes whoosh,
The dog loves to play,
Throughout the day.

Short dog poems That Rhyme

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Short bird Poem That Rhyme

The Bird
The bird goes tweet,
It flaps its wings when it eats,
It flies up high,
Into the sky.

Short poems about bird animals

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Short frog Poem That Rhyme

The Frog
The frog goes croak,
It jumps in the lake with a poke,
It swims and hops around,
Making splashing sounds.

Short frog Poem That Rhyme

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Funny fish poem That Rhyme

The Fish
The fish goes blub,
It swims in the tub,
Its fins go flap flap flap,
As it takes a morning lap.

Funny fish poem That Rhyme 

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Funny chicken poem That Rhyme

The Chicken
The chicken goes cluck cluck,
It walks around and plucks and plucks,
Then it flaps its wings,
And feathers swing.

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Rhyming poem about Sheep

The Sheep
The sheep goes baa baa,
Its wool is fluffy like a spa,
It nibbles grass throughout the day,
Then comes back home to hit the hay.

Funny lion poem That Rhyme

The Lion
The lion roars grr grr,
It’s the king with a big fur,
With its large mane it looks so regal,
The lion’s mighty and feral.


These Short poems about animals are a fun way for kids to learn about the sounds different animals make. The rhyming words help make the poems catchy and easy to remember. Kids will love reading about the clucking chicken, the baa-ing sheep, the roaring lion, and more! Rhyming animal poems can help build literacy skills while also sparking imagination and creativity. Try reading these cute poems aloud or using them to teach rhyme schemes. Both kids and parents will enjoy this collection of funny, rhyming animal poems!

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