Learning the Alphabet: Fun Letter P Worksheets for Preschoolers or kindergarten…
The letter P is a fun letter for preschoolers to learn. With a distinct sound, the letter P starts words like panda, park, pizza, and pumpkin. Giving preschool children letter P worksheets is a great way to help them recognize the shape and sound of the letter. These printable worksheets offer enjoyable activities to help reinforce letter P recognition.

Free Printable  letter p worksheets for preschoolers PDF

letter p writing worksheet for kindergarten

Tracing the Letter P

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A simple letter P tracing worksheet is a great way to start. Preschoolers can trace over large and small letters P’s on this worksheet multiple times. Tracing gives them practice following the curve and straight lines that make the letter P. With repetition, preschoolers will become more familiar with the shape and strokes.

Worksheets for letter p

Worksheets for letter p

As preschoolers color the letter p, and they see and say the letter P, reinforcing the connection between the letter P and the sound it makes at the start of words

Letter worksheets

 O     Q

letter p worksheets for kindergarten

letter p worksheets for kindergarten

Find the Missing Letter P

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For more of a challenge, a find the missing letter P worksheet presents pictures that have the letter P missing. Preschoolers must look carefully at each picture to find where the letter P should be and place it correctly. Pictures could include pum __kin, a sim__le, or a po_ corn site. This helps preschoolers identify words that should start with the letter P sound.

Letter p worksheets cut and paste

Letter p worksheets cut and paste

Free printable worksheet letter p for preschool pdf

A cut and paste Letter P worksheet provides a tactile option. Children can cut out images of items starting with P and paste them on the correct word. Or they can cut out letter P’s and paste them onto corresponding pictures. As preschoolers use scissors and glue, they are reinforcing letter P recognition.

With fun worksheets that incorporate tracing, coloring, finding missing letters, and cutting and pasting, preschoolers can get hands-on practice with the letter P. These printables help cement letter and sound recognition in a multisensory way. Playful, interactive activities sustain their interest and support early learning success.

Download Free Letter P Worksheets for Preschoolers Here:

Download Printable Letter P Worksheets For Preschoolers

The linked PDF includes the following printable worksheets:

  • Traceable uppercase and lowercase letter P
  • Color pictures that start with P
  • Find the missing letter P
  • Cut and paste the letter P worksheet

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