How well do you know the nature of our planet? Will you be able to solve our selected riddles about trees, plants, animals and natural phenomena?. Let’s do a puzzle contest about nature riddles. We hope these easy nature riddles have been fun and educational for you! 

Best Nature Riddles With Answers For Kids And Adult

Riddles of nature with answers

These nature riddles are often asked by children amongst themselves and adults to trick their minds. This way they not only enjoy but also shows their IQ and how their minds work. 

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Hard riddles about nature

Do you like the natural Nature riddles can be a fun and educational way to learn about the natural world around us. These riddles often use descriptive language and clues to describe a natural object or phenomenon, challenging us to use our knowledge and problem-solving skills to figure out the answer.

a time riddle for kids

  • Answer: Sunflowers

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Riddles on nature with answers by pictures

riddles on nature with answers by pictures

  • Answer: SUN

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Hard riddles about nature

  • Answer: Air

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puzzles of nature - riddle who am I

  • Answer: Dew

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Picture riddles for kids

Guess riddle answer 

Picture riddles for kids

  • Answer: Snowman

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