Looking for a fun way to challenge your brain? Riddles are a great way to test your critical thinking skills and have some fun at the same time. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 30 riddles in English with answers, covering a range of topics from everyday objects to nature and more. So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and get ready to put your thinking cap on!

Tricky Riddles In English With Answers for Kids And Adults

Let’s challenge your mind with some fun riddles! See if you can solve them all!

Q: I let you connect with the world and entertain for hours, with just a click you have endless powers. What am I?

english riddles with answers

A: A computer.

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Q: I buzz around flowers in my busy search, for pollen and nectar is what I need to perch. Who am I?

A: A bee.

Q: I shine my light yet have no eyes, carry me around to brighten up your skies. What am I?

A: A lantern.

Q: Seven colors from red to violet, after the rain in the sky. What am I?

A: A rainbow.

Q: Pink feathers and long spindly legs, standing on one is how I like to beg. What am I?

tricky riddles for teens

A: A flamingo.

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Q: Through me, you can see outside, as the light shines in I have nothing to hide. What am I?

A: A window.

Q: I rise in the east, but I’m not a bird, I give light, but I’m not a lamp. What am I?

A: The sun.

Q: I shine at night, but I’m not a star, I have phases, but I’m not a planet. What am I?

A: Moon

Q: I have branches, but I’m not a bank, I have leaves, but I’m not a book. What am I?

A: A tree.

Q: I go on your feet, but I’m not a sock, I have laces, but I’m not a hoodie. What am I?

A: Shoes.

Q: I have legs, but I’m not a person, I have a back, but I’m not a backpack. What am I?

best riddles of 2024

A: A chair.

Q: I have a mattress, but I’m not a couch,
I have sheets, but I’m not a ghost.
What am I?

A: A bed.

Q: I have blades, but I’m not a knife, I have a motor, but I’m not a car. What am I?

A: A fan.

Q: I’m round, metallic, flat on the base, for cooking food I’m a very fine space. What am I?

A: A pan.

Q: I stay up late, flying at night, using great eyesight to hunt with delight. What am I?

A: An owl.

Q: I capture moments with the click of a button, preserving memories so you don’t forget them. What am I?

A: A camera.

Q: In herds we roam nibbling grass with glee, providing wool and milk as gifts. What are we?

A: Sheep.

Q: I come after summer, but I’m not winter, I bring falling leaves, but I’m not a tree. What am I?

riddles for 6 year olds with answers

Riddles In English With Answers

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A: Autumn.

Q: I come after winter, but I’m not summer, I bring blooming flowers, but I’m not a gardener. What am I?

A: Spring.

Q: Along steel tracks is how I slide, carrying people taking a ride. What am I?

A: A train.

Q: I’m a place of worship, five times a day. People come to praise, reflected in my domes that sway. What am I?

A: A mosque

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Riddles are a great way to exercise your brain and have some fun. Whether you’re solving them alone or with friends, they’re sure to provide hours of entertainment. So, the next time you’re looking for a challenge, give these Riddles In English With Answers a try!

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