Computers can be mysterious and confusing to kids. Riddles are a fun way to get them thinking and learning more about computers and technology. Below are 30 riddles on computers for kids with the answers provided. Great for classroom games or at-home fun!

Awesome Riddles On Computer For Kids

Are you ready to exercise your brain while having some tech-themed fun? Get ready for a journey filled with exciting riddles about computers.

1. I’m electronic, but I have no batteries. I’m used for fun and work. You stare at me all day. What am I?

Riddles On Computer For Kids With Answers

Riddles On Computer For Kids With Answers

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  • A computer.

2. I let you explore the world and communicate with others, without leaving your home. What am I?

  • The internet.

3. I’m a magical box with moving pictures and sounds. You use a remote to control me. What am I?

  • A television.

4. I’m thin, light, and portable. I allow you to access the internet from anywhere. What am I?

  •  A laptop.

5. I’m what you’re staring at right now, shining light into your eyes. What am I?

  • Computer monitor or screen.

6. I store all kinds of files and documents. You can search me to find what you’re looking for. What am I?

computer riddles for kids

Computer riddles for kids

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  • A computer hard drive.

7. I’m often too hot to touch! I do lots of work inside the computer. What am I?

  • A CPU (central processing unit).

8. I get plugged into the computer to give you a way to input. You use me for clicking and typing. What am I?

  •  A computer mouse.

9. I come in many colors and you can program me with codes. Video gamers like using me. What am I?

  • A gaming controller.

10. I print out hard copies of documents from your computer. What am I?

  • A printer.

11. I allow you to listen to sound from your computer. What am I?

  •  Computer speakers.

12. People use me to video chat with friends across the globe. What am I?

Riddle about computer

  •  Webcam.

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13. I’m a chip inside your computer that helps process data. What am I?

  • Microprocessor.

14. You turn me off and on to power up your computer. What am I?

  • The power button.

15. I light up with letters and numbers to input data into the computer. What am I?

  •  A computer keyboard.

16. I access the internet via cell phone towers and broadcast WiFi. What am I?

  • A wireless network card.

17. I’m a small instrument that reads tiny indentations to input data into a computer. What am I?

  •  A mouse.

18. You slide me into the computer to add more memory. What am I?

riddles for computer lab

  •  A RAM stick.

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19. I illuminate your work area with bright helpful light. What am I?

  • A desk lamp.

20. I protect your computer from dangerous power surges and spikes. What am I?

  •  A surge protector.

21. You wear me on your head to see and interact with virtual worlds. What am I?

  • VR (virtual reality) goggles.

22. I’m folded or rolled and protect your device as you travel. What am I?

  • A laptop case.

23. I have keys for symbols and letters but I’m not a typewriter. What am I?

  •  A computer keyboard.

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24. My screen isn’t flat because I’m curvy and thin. You can watch movies on me. What am I?

  • A CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor.

25. I’m a shape on the screen you control with the mouse to select things. What am I?

  •  Pointer or a cursor.

26. I allow you to talk to your computer and have it follow voice commands. What am I?

  • Voice recognition software.

27. Pressing me helps when the computer freezes. I’m often found at the top of the keyboard. What am I?

  • The Escape key.

28. I contain lots of information you can search through to find answers. What am I?

  • The internet or a search engine like Google.

29. I’m a program that lets you write documents and create spreadsheets. What am I?

  •  Office software like Microsoft Office.

30 My blinking means a program on the computer is working or thinking. What am I?

  • The cursor.
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How did you do with these riddles on Computer for kids? These are amazing machines that we use every day. Learning more about computer technology can be fun for kids of all ages with puzzles like these!

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